Facial Implants: Is This Plastic Surgery Procedure for Me?


Facial implants are growing in popularity. At his Yorkville, Toronto plastic surgery clinic, Dr. Adibfar has seen an increase in men and women seeking to enhance their beauty through facial implants. With its increase in popularity, have you ever wondered what the benefits are or how facial implants can enhance your appearance? Let's take a closer look at the common procedures performed and if this plastic surgery enhancement is right for you.

Types of Facial ImplantsIn general there are two main types of facial implants offered in the plastic surgery industry. The first is silicone implants, which has a tendency to shift over time. That's why Dr. Adibfar uses Medpore, which is a porous solid plastic. These facial implants do not shift and its unique technology allows the patient's tissues to grow into it. This further stabilizes the implant.

The Most Popular Facial ImplantsPeople opting for facial implants tend to have one thing in common: They are seeking to enhance their beauty and improve their facial appearance. To meet these goals, there are two main types of facial implant procedures that are popular choices for people across Toronto, Canada and North America.
The most popular facial implant is a cheek augmentation procedure. When performed by a trusted, board-certified plastic surgeon, this procedure can adjust the shape of your cheeks. It can also increase the volume and projection of the cheek structure to enhance the contours of your face. Overall, it can help redefine your facial appearance.

Many patients are looking for a beautifully contoured and harmonized face. With years of experience, Dr. Adibfar has seen the incredible results cheek augmentations can deliver.

The second most popular procedure is a chin implant procedure. As your trusted Toronto plastic surgeon, Dr. Adibfar will place implants along the jaw line in an effort to improve and enhance the shape of your chin. Chin implants can be fully customized to meet your individual goals and ideal appearance. This level of customization ensures the end result is beautiful, harmonized and natural looking.

Dr. Adibfar allows performs jaw angle implants, which helps create a more angular silhouette that is synonymous with elegance, beauty and youthfulness.

Who Gets Facial Implants?Facial implants can help just about anyone achieve a more youthful and contoured appearance. These plastic surgery procedures are also perfect solutions for people who have lost volume in their face due to aging, weight loss or even illness. The versatility and application of these procedures make them ideal for people who have very specific goals and needs in mind.

By using a variety of sizes, shapes and placements, Dr. Adibfar is able to customize and improve facial symmetry while enhancing your beauty and self-confidence in the process.

Who are the Best Candidates for Facial Implant Procedures?As with any plastic surgery transformation, there are certain things that make up an ideal patient. This includes:
  • Having realistic expectations on the outcomes,
  • Understanding the entire process from start to finish,
  • Being in good health, and;
  • Having a normally functioning immune system.
Dr. Adibfar has developed a very detailed, prudent and in-depth consultative process that ensures you're the right candidate for your desired plastic surgery transformation. He believes knowledge and education are critical to your overall experience and health.

Aside from these important considerations, an ideal patient for facial implants is someone who is looking to enhance, redefine or adjust their facial features in an effort to be the most beautiful version of themselves.

The Experience: Facial Implants and Your Plastic Surgery TransformationDr. Adibfar believes education is key. Decisions regarding plastic surgery and beauty are life changing. That's why it is critical to know the entire process from beginning to end. It's important that you know what to expect during your journey.

Those who undergo facial implant procedures should expect:
  • To return to non-strenuous work as early as 24 hours after the procedure,
  • To avoid taking part in work while on pain medication,
  • To be able to return to more strenuous work no earlier than 2-3 weeks after the procedure is performed,
  • To protect their face, cheeks and chin from any excessive force, impact or motion, and;
  • To be unavailable to return to contact sports until their plastic surgeon has provided approval.
There are certain things during the healing process that any patient should expect. This includes:
  • Tightness or stiffness in the cheek or chin area,
  • Facial expressions may be slightly restricted or impaired for a temporary amount of time,
  • Swelling will likely subside within 4 to 6 weeks following the transformation.
While every patient is different and their healing process unique, you can expect that the final results from your facial implant procedure will be realized approximately 6 months after it takes place.

Dr. Adibfar and his talented team of plastic surgery professionals will walk you through the entire healing and recovery process to ensure you have a comfortable experience. Think of them as your trusted team that you can rely on as you move through your plastic surgery transformation.

Next StepsIf you have any questions about facial implants, other plastic surgery procedures or just want some advice, contact Dr. Adibfar directly. He and his team are always happy to help!

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