Facial Aesthetic Medicine: Understanding the Aging Process Part I Skin Laxity By Doctor James Chan


What happens during the aging process?

As we age gravity, exposure to the sun, facial volume loss, and the stresses of daily life affect the way we look.  We form deep creases between the nose and mouth to form ‘smile lines;’ our jaw line grows slack and we form jowls; fine wrinkles form around our eyes and mouth; skin discoloration become more noticeable.  While nothing can halt this progression aesthetic procedures can ‘set back the clock’ and drastically improving the signs of aging.

Comprehensive facial rejuvenation treatments address three crucial areas:

1.       Skin laxity in the face and neck

2.      Skin texture

3.      Facial volume loss


Skin laxity in the face and neck

Neck wrinkles and jowls are the result of gravity, skin laxity, and volume depletion in the face. Because of the excess skin that accompanies this condition, surgery is the most effective treatment. Surgery lifts and tightens the skin in the lower jaw-line and neck area, bringing the loose skin back into a more youthful position.


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