Face and Neck Lift


Face and neck lifts are used to remove excess skin and relocate skin and muscle back where it belongs: higher up on the face. If you’re wondering why we have combined face and neck lifts, the answer is simple: because I look at these two procedures as one. Alone, they can produce some success, but together, they can create a far more significant (and much longer lasting) result that can take years off of your appearance.
Typically for women 40+ with loss of tone in the face or jowls, bands in the neck, droopy cheeks or general loss of facial tone, my face and brow lifts are often combined with fat injections (restores volume to the eyes, temples and above the lips) and laser treatments near the eyes and mouth (smoothes wrinkles and improves skin tone). I believe in this all-inclusive approach because a facelift alone cannot treat the fine wrinkles and because the natural aging process doesn’t just create structural problems, but also dull, brownish skin that has lost its light reflex. If you don’t address both, you can’t achieve the best results.
You may also be interested to learn why my face and neck lifts truly go above and beyond. By spending extra time on the neck and using a special type of suture, my surgeries last far longer than most. I also work to not to put a lot of tension on the skin so that scarring is far less visible.
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Denver Plastic Surgeon