Exercise after Tummy Tuck


In general but under supervision, I advise my patient's to exercise aerobically on the treadmill at at spped (mph) equlal to their weeks of recovery. Therefore, WEEK #1 = 1 MPH, WEEK #2 = 2 MPH, WEEK #3 = 3 MPH, etc. Of course this may require modification.

 When it comes to resistance training, I generally caution patients to avoid this for at least 3 weeks while encouraging passive (no-resistance) range of motion prior to this. After 3 weeks consider gently 10 lb lifting gently increasing each week under supervision when it comes to increasing thereafter.

When it comes to muscle exercises, In my opinion and experience, one of the most common causes responsible for persistent fullness of the abdomen after tummy tuck is improper use of muscles despite surgical reapproximation. This explains the worsening with bowel movements (straining with valsalva maneuver). Consder undertaking supervised Pilates exerecise instruction.


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Chicago Plastic Surgeon