Endovenous laser ablation, VNUS Closure, Sapheon and Varithena for Venous Insufficiency - Williamsville, NY


Both VNUS Closure and EVLT Never Touch treat venous reflux dissease, also known as venous insufficiency.

For example, once access is gained into the great saphenous vein, a radiofrequency catheter (VNUS) or laser catheter (EVLT, EVLA or EVL) can be used to obliterate the great saphenous vein. This treats venous reflux disease originating at the saphenofemoral junction or saphenopopliteal junction.

Unfortunately, most phlebologists have the VNUS Closure machine or EVLT laser generator. Very rarely do they have all three technologies (VNUS, EVLT and ClariVein, since the machines are expensive and they accomplish the same goal.

We have EVLT Never Touch, TVS 1470 laser system,  980 nm and 1470 nm laser generators, ClariVein and VNUS Closure in our practice and used them selectively depending on the size of the vein and how close it is to the skin. As well, given my background in heart surgery, I utilize endovenous laser energy because theoretically it is unlikely to interfere with pacemaker/defibrillator function in individuals who have these devices in place.

ClariVein uses mechanochemical ablation.

We are currently evaluating Sapheon and Varithena to treat venous insufficiency using glue and chemical ablation respectively. 
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