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We don't have the answer to how many herbal supplements or over the counter drugs or homeopathic medications effect surgery or wound healing because they haven't been studied enough. If I told you willow bark was good for your wound, would you eat it? And would it effect surgery? You would probably say you don't know. Well the answer is yes, it would and it could have disastrous effects and it could save your life. Why> Because that is where Aspirin is derived from. It is a blood thinner and taken before eye surgery, it could make you blind. Howver taken before vacular bypass or heart surgery or cardiac stents, it could prevent an blood threatening clot.

Aspirin has been studied for thousands of years. All the other newcomers have not been fully evaluated. Just like Aspirin, we could find out one day that they are beneficial or harmful. However, at this point in time most of these claims are unproven.

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