What Is DigniCap?


The Mount Sinai Health System (New York) has announced the launch of the DigniCap, which is a scalp cooling system. It has recently been cleared by the FDA to reduce the likelihood of chemotherapy-induced hair loss in women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The DigniCap is now available in 3 of its cancer center location.

Mount Sinai is the first and only health system in New York to offer the Dignicap to its patients. In the FDA clinical trials performed in the United States, 7 out of 10 patients with early-stage breast cancer kept at least 50 percent of their hair.

The DigniCap, made by the Swedish company Dignitana AB, features a patented tight-fitting silicone cooling cap that is placed directly on the head and an outer neoprene cap, which insulates and secures the silicone cap. The cooling cap is connected to a cooling and control unit that operates through touch-screen prompts. A liquid coolant circulates throughout the silicone cap, delivering consistent and controlled cooling to all areas of the scalp. After the cap is fitted to the head, the temperature of the scalp is lowered, resulting in vasoconstriction, which reduces delivery of chemotherapy to the scalp. These factors together reduce the risk of hair loss.

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