Develop a relationship with your surgeon before surgery


I do all of my own consultations.  They can take from 30 minutes to well over an hour.  The surgeon needs to make a plan based on what you are looking for and what the technical requirements for the surgery will be.  All of the accumulated experience of the doctor goes into the decision about what operation to do, what you can expect, and whether your expectations can be met in a reliable fashion.  Assistants are just that.  They help with the organization and scheduling.  If the assistant is making the surgical plan or doing all of the education and follow up you are most definitely in the wrong place.  The surgeon's training, credentials, licenses and privileges are known or available to you.  Do you have any idea at all who the assistant is, how qualified they are, or what their experience is?  It is a privilege to be a surgeon.  It is something that is earned.  The patient deserves to have all of the accumulated knowledge and experience of the surgeon.  The relationship with the surgeon before and after the surgery is everything.  The skill of the surgeon can be assessed by looking at their postoperative photographs.  If the surgeon does not have enough respect for you to spend time developing a relationship with you before the surgery, will they have the appropriate amount of respect for you while they are performing the procedure, or during the aftercare?

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San Antonio Plastic Surgeon