Dental health


Your dental health is dependent on many factors.    Each factor must be looked at in order to completely evaluate the state of your dental health.  

1.  Home care - Brushing, flossing, 
2.  Habits and lifestyle - Stress, sipping on sugary beverages throughout the day, smoking, thumb sucking, nail biting, clenching, grinding etc...
2.  Systemic disease or disorder 
3.  Genetic inheritance - The traits that have been inherited from our family
4.  Functional health - how the teeth come together upon function
5.  Trauma
6.  TMJ health - Stable healthy joints will help keep teeth healthy.

Prevention is the key to keeping your teeth in a healthy state for a lifetime.  Teeth work as part of the masticatory system that is connected to the rest of your body via muscles, ligaments, etc... A problem in this system can cause or contribute to a problem somewhere else.  For example, Patients who clench or grind there teeth may suffer from headaches, migraines, or eye pain. 

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New York Dentist