Looks Can Be Deceiving On Social Media!


Nearly every woman can agree that attractive looks spell confidence and make them feel empowered. The impact of social media is no longer a rare and obscure condition dominating our culture that obsesses over the idea of a perfect face and body image. The medium has changed the way we connect with friends, how we spend our time and see cosmetic surgery today’s environment.  This has often led to plunging self esteem when appearances get faked with technology enhancing filters which are not flattering enough to look and feel good, bringing to light the self-perceived need for Cosmetic Surgery.

Ubiquity of Social Media leads to a boost in cosmetic surgery

According to a recent survey by RealSelf, an online information-sharing community that offers reviews, photos and physician Q&A relating to cosmetic surgery, dermatology and other elective treatments, nearly half of the website visitors have confirmed the social media impact to choose cosmetic surgery.

Further, cosmetic surgeons and contributors to RealSelf have observed that in the aesthetic industry with more than half of consumers researching a treatment for over a year, the decisions are majorly influenced with opinion, doctor reviews, ratings and testimonials posted on social media forums. This clearly points out the need for positive online reputation for doctors to embrace with social media channels and quality online engagement with prospective patients.

Cosmetic surgeons have confirmed that cosmetic surgery procedures are seeing the largest increase in numbers attributed to the selfie craze include Rhinoplasty, Hair Transplants and Eyelid Surgery. Each of these procedures and many more are capable of providing a rejuvenated appearance and even addressing specific cosmetic concerns.

While the influence of social media on cosmetic enhancements cannot be overstated, it is important to remember that not all procedures are meant for everyone and attempting to improve one’s appearance needs to be appropriately motivated.

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