Customize Your Botox


Botox and Dysport, are purified proteins. When precisely injected they are used to relax specific muscles. We have over 50 muscles in the face and everyone has a different pattern of facial expression. This is why it is so important you be treated by the most experienced specialist, in a medical setting, to achieve a safe, natural and finessed result. As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Olson knows the subtleties of the face and how to reach your aesthetic goals.
When you choose an experienced specialist for your customized Botox treatment you can accomplish so much more than just treating the lines on your forehead.

Dr. Olson uses Botox and Dysport for:

-Brow lifting
-Facial shaping
-Bunny lines on the nose
-Frown and anger expressions
-Roll upper and lower lip out
-Treat lip lines
-Treat “Orange Peel” dimpled chin
-Create more positive expression and appearance
-Correct asymmetry of facial expression
-Crows feet
-Neck bands
-Grimace lines
-Gummy smile
-To open the eyes
Article by
Norwalk Oculoplastic Surgeon