Cruroplasty (Thigh Lifting)


Cruroplasty involves resection of skin and fat in the inner thigh region. When there is excess and weight loss, the area of the body, which by itself is generally more flaccid compared to other areas, shows an increase in the amount of low tonicity skin and greater elasticity. It is also an area that tends to accumulate a lot of fat, this produces great discomfort in patients who suffer it, excessive friction that produces strong irritation, abrasions (scrapes), odor, fungal infections and wear and tear of pants by excessive rubbing of the thighs.
In this surgery, depending on the amount of skin to be resected, a cut is designed that could be confined to the inguinal region (if there is so much excess skin). If there are a lot of skin and fat, a combined procedure is performed with liposuction and resection of excess skin, locating the design from the groin to the inner side of the knee.
Although the cut is large, the results are very grateful having suppress all the hassles described above, returning the patient a better quality of life. I always tell my patients that this procedure is "for the dress not the nude".
Generally this procedure performed under subarachnoid anesthesia (in the back), requires prior preparation with a battery of laboratory analysis, cardiovascular evaluation, preanesthetic assessment and if all is well, proceed to surgery.
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon