Why Have Cosmetic Surgery?


Staying beautiful is hard work! Just like the latest fashion trends, the concept of what is “in” or attractive changes constantly. Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Cheryl Tiegs, Farrah Fawcett, Halle Berry, Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Clark Gable, Sean Connery, Mel Gibson, Pierce Brosnan, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum; all attractive, and yet all different. Thin or curvy, athletic or voluptuous, long hair or short hair — society’s idea of beauty constantly changes. Even for men, attractiveness has varied to include clean shaven or not, short hair, no hair, long hair, body hair, no body hair, muscle bound or slender.

As fast as the concept of beauty changes, so does our body! With each passing year, our bodies can undergo significant changes. They can often be hormonally or life-stage related. Imagine the progression from birth: chubby baby, lanky teen, slim curves become fuller curves as a young adult, stubborn baby fat after pregnancy, the increasing belly of middle age. Almost every decade brings changes to our bodies, often whether we like it or not. We may not experience it the same way, but it happens to all of us!

Time brings changes, due to aging, health issues, hormonal changes, or with life events, such as having kids. Many of these changes are disturbing as we watch our face, body, and shape change. We don’t like to see ourselves morph into our parents or grandparents. Typically, we are bothered by something we notice, either in the mirror, when we get dressed, or a comment from someone else. I have many women come in for something because their grandchildren love to grab their turkey neck or love to swing their bat wings under their arms? Those arms may have been there for 15 years already, but now that a 2-year-old is playing with them, they just have to GO!

Those seeking plastic surgery realize that their “appearance disconnect” is great enough that it is affecting their lifestyle, habits, emotions, or self-acceptance. Do you avoid tight tops because you are flat chested or have a belly? Do you avoid going to the pool because you can’t find a swimsuit to hide your flaws? Will you only wear long sleeve shirts to hide your arms? You aren’t alone! We all have something we just avoid because we know we don’t look good in it, or we know we look bad which takes away our self-confidence and our happiness.

Can we all be a starlet or a stud? No, maybe not. Do we all need cosmetic surgery? No, probably not. Would we all benefit from a cosmetic procedure at some point? Yes, it's very likely. Which procedure? When? The answers are unique to each person, but doctors can help you navigate the options. 

Should we feel guilty or selfish? Absolutely not! The beauty industry is more than $40 billion in America and more than $170 billion worldwide. We all want to look good, but we each notice different flaws at different times of our lives. Do something to make you less self-conscious and feel more confident! You will be happier — and guess what? Your happiness is contagious (studies have shown this). No more guilt for trying to look great! Look your best and spread happiness!

Article by
Orlando Plastic Surgeon