Cosmetic Revitalization of the Face & Hands with Fillers


Cosmetic Revitalization of the Face & Hands with Fillers

Radiate Gorgeous with Voluma, Radiesse & Juvederm

Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal - Plastic Surgeon

London bridges falling down, a fable of stability and the toppling of a magnificent bridge. But, this event could have been prevented with some maintenance and preventive care especially if the underlying supports were shored up. Our face & hands, too, require much the same if we are to look healthy and rejuvenated.

Face & Hand Rejuvenation:
A revolution has taken hold with the introduction of facial  & hand contouring, volume replacement to sculpt, recontour, lift and rejuvenate with minimal down time.
Fillers such as Voluma, Radiesse and Juvederm assist in restoring lost collagen, smooth & contour.
Radiesse is another unique filler that contains calcium in a gel, which acts as the foundation or scaffolding onto which the face is built. Radiesse lifts hollowed cheeks & smoothes out depressions in the temple areas and the jaw. It easily blends in with the deeper tissues yielding, a smooth & lovely appearance.

Juvederm is hyaluronic acid compatible that is with, and similar to the natural hyaluronic acid already present within your skin. Juvederm holds and draws water into the deeper tissues. It is best used around the mouth to smooth out lines, and to plump thinned lips, making them so kissable.

Botox is ideal for the lines and wrinkles that form between the eyebrows, along the forehead and where the crows feet are developing. The object behind Botox Sculpting is to balance the overactive muscles on both sides of the face while maintaining the ability to animate. A natural upper face is most desirable.

Let us not forget the tops of the hands. With the passage of time, the hands lose volume revealing the deeper vessels & tendons. As the volume is diminished the smooth surface of the hands are now replaced with depressions. Radiesse rebuilds the lost volume. This natural calcium based product hides the underlying structures while smoothing out the hollows. Why have a lovely radiant face with hands that signal your true age. Now you can have a matching set.

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