Clear and Brilliant


How does Clear + Brilliant Work?

The Clear + Brilliant utilizes a laser to gently resurface the top layer of the skin. Using an Intelligent Optical Tracking System (IOTS), the laser delivers uniform and consistent treatment to the surface of the skin. The laser is only fired when IOTS senses skin contact through the rollers at the tip of the Clear + Brilliant hand-piece.

When lasers are used in aesthetic medicine, they must target and be absorbed by an existing component in the body – in this case, water is the primary absorber or the laser wavelength in the Clear + Brilliant laser system. Since skin comprises of over 70% of water, the system is effective and safe for all skin colors.

This treatment is ideal for patients in their 20s or 30s who have begun to notice signs of aging or skin damage that are further along than can be helped with serums or creams. However, the damage may not be severe enough to warrant a more costly and aggressive procedure such as Fraxel or Thermage. According to the manufacturer, the Clear + Brilliant Laser System may help reverse and prevent signs of aging and light skin damage by encouraging new collagen growth, improving skin tone and texture and reducing the appearance of pores.

The Clear + Brilliant treatment takes approximately 20-30 minutes and due to gentleness of the laser system, most patients experience little to no downtime. Post treatment, there may be slight redness and swelling for approximately 12 hours along with some pain that is easily managed with over the counter pain medication.

How Much Does Clear + Brilliant Cost?

The cost of the procedure will vary from geographic location of the practice, market availability and how many treatments are needed to achieve the best results. Typically 4-6 Clear + Brilliant treatments are recommended and cost per treatment can vary between $200-$350.

What Are The Risks Of Clear + Brilliant?

Patients with certain skin conditions should not receive laser treatments, regardless of the intensity of treatment. Potential side effects may include prolonged swelling, redness, scarring, blistering, hyperpigmentation, infection or herpes and acne flare-ups. It is very important to consult with your specialist and made your medical history clear before undergoing any treatments.

Here is what people are saying.

"My skin has never felt and looked so amazing. The procedure was very easy with no downtime! It has given me silky smooth, illuminating, beautiful skin again!" - Melissa S. Staff at MPSA

"Everyone noticed that my skin looked better, but nobody knew I had anything done. My brown spots faded and my skin got smoother with each treatment. Clear + Brilliant = Forty and Fabulous Skin!"
- Tammy K., 5 treatments

"Clear + Brilliant delivered positive visible results after 4 treatments. There was minimal down time and it improved the overall tone and texture of my face. Clear + Brilliant is a good value when compared to other treatments. For the value and results I got out of the Clear + Brilliant, I would pay more for this over any peels or microderm treatment." - David, 51 , 4 treatments

"I am 37 years old. After the treatments, I have noticed a big difference in the tone and texture of my skin. My skin is much smoother than before, and I believe it has minimized my pores as well. I would highly recommend these treatments." - Misty , 4 treatments

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