Choosing a Plastic Surgeon that is Right for You


There are many choices involved in plastic surgery. The first and most important is choosing a surgeon that you can trust.

Selecting an ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) Member Surgeon ensures that your Doctor has:

  •     Completed at least five (5) years of surgical training with a minimum of two years directly in plastic surgery
  •     Highly trained and experienced in all plastic surgical procedures, which include breast, body, face, contouring and reconstruction.
  • Abides to a strict code of ethics.
  •     Operates in accredited medical facilities (Premium Surgical Services Center) only.
  •     Meets and exceeds continuing medical education requirements, including surpassing safety standards and innovations in patient safety.
  •     Board verified by The America Board of Plastic Surgery.

Look for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons logo.

In addition to their board certification, ask your plastic surgeon about their professional affiliations. Membership to American Society of Plastic Surgeons® (ASPS®) lets you know that your surgeon is elite among members of the plastic surgery community.

ASPS was one of the first professional surgical socie1ties which requires members to use nationally accredited surgical facilities. The society allows consumers the ability to learn more information about their members through an online accredited surgeon directory and consumer referral services.
Accredited Facilities

Your safety should be of most importance to you. Selecting a surgeon at an accredited facility is essential. The advantages of utilizing an accredited facility is that there is an extremely low rate of seriously complications (Less than ½ %), 1-57,000 mortality rate and the advantage of lower costs.
Health and Safety

Before undergoing your surgery that requires general anesthesia or sedation, it is recommended that you partake in a full medical history included diagnostic tests. Before surgery, ensure you follow all of your plastic surgeon’s instruction such as quitting smoking and/or taking certain types of medication. On the day of the surgery you may be asked to avoid eat or drinking from a certain period of time prior to surgery.

Ensure to follow all postoperative instructions very carefully. This may include cleansing, avoiding the sun and in-home treatments regimens. The cooperation you commit with influence the outcome of the surgery.

Best of luck with all of your plastic cosmetic surgery goals!

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