Choosing Breast Implant Size


Choosing breast implant size is a very dynamic process. Each patient has a unique overall goal and different expectations. It is very important to find a surgeon and build a rapport and trust with him or her. Sometimes this can require more than just your initial consultation visit. Identification of what size is best for you will be based on how you want to look both in and out of clothing. It is important for communication to be established to determine if a patient wants a subtle natural look versus a modest augmentation or a very augmented appearance. The next step is measurement of your body to determine what dimensions an implant needs to be to comfortably “fit” your body. In addition, we like to use 3-D simulation with Vectra Imaging that allows us to virtually simulate your breast augmentation with various volumes and compare them side by side. Lastly, we have patients try on implants to get a real feel for the volume. Intraoperatively we will use sizer implants to make sure the volume selected gives the desired look and to also see if we need to use different sized permanent implants to offset any potential volume asymmetries.

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Charlotte Plastic Surgeon