Choosing a breast implant size


Baltimore breast augmentation patients commonly inquire about how to choose the right breast implant size for them. There are several different ways to go about doing this. Many Baltimore cosmetic surgery experts have their patients "try on" different breast implant samples by placing implants samples inside their bras. Another good way to get an idea of how large patients want to be is to look at Baltimore breast augmentation before and after photos online. Breast augmentation is a great way to increase the volume of the breasts and to improve the shape. The entire procedure is typically done as an outpatient with minimal downtime and discomfort. The breast implants can be silicone or saline, and silicone is FDA approved for all uses. However, you have to be 22 years old to get silicone implants and 18 for saline if they are for cosmetic purposes. Visit with you local Maryland breast augmentation specialist if you're interested in pursuing a breast augmentation procedure.

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