Chapter 5. Is the doctor a real, experienced, and safe plastic surgeon? Best 10 Questions to ask.


Doctor please tell me:
1. Are you a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and therefore approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties as a real fully trained and boarded surgeon?
2. Are you boarded as a diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and therefore a real fully trained plastic surgeon?
3. Do you frequently do the surgical procedure I am considering and how many have you done in the past year?
4. Do you have vast experience in the procedure I am considering and can you talk to me about this?
5. Do you have privileges at a major JCHS hospital to do the same procedure I am considering to have done at your surgery center or office facility?
6. Is your surgical center or office facility accredited and certified for the type of surgery I am considering and will you please offer me some verifiable proof?
7. Do you have an MD anesthesiologist at every surgery and especially will you have that same safety providing anesthesiologist at my surgical procedure?
8. Do you have certified and registered RN nurses in attendance at all surgeries at your facility and will they be in attendance at my surgery.
9. Do you have certified and licensed Surgical Technologists in attendance at every surgery in your facility.
10. Do you have Registered Nurses in attendance at all time while I am in recovery and is an MD anesthesiologist available at all times?

There are many other questions to ask but these ten get you a long way down the path of understanding and safety Make sure each question is truthfully answered. The first steps to any surgery is assuring safety, and quality. The nice results will follow.

My Best, Dr C

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Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon