Chapter 6. Seek a proper facelift and do not be lured by offers too good to be true


There are many offers on the internet for the quick and easy facelift and how great it is. Do Not be fooled. Remember we are all suckers for a bargain or supposed easy route to an endpoint. What seems to be, and is billed as an easy route, may well be a detour laden with bad road and dangers. Mini lifts give mini results and the endpoint is mini, if any happiness. If you are 45 years or older, you need a real facelift. Do not dance around with the mini lift, the noon lift, the back to the office the next day lift, the quick lift, the limited lift and on and on. Remember with the limited facelift you go in with a lot of money and a lot of expectation and you end up with limited, if any gain as well as LIMITED MONEY.

A real facelift costs a little more but, wow, is it ever worth it. The real facelift lasts a lifetime. The real facelift addresses the SMAS and lifts it permanently, The real facelift lifts the cheek fat and puts it back where nature first started it. The real facelift get rid of excess facial skin accumulated over the 45 + years. The real facelift involves adding fat to deficient areas under the eyes, in the cheeks, at the mandibular border, under the brows and hollow sunken eyes, and around the mouth and lips. The real facelift address and correct permanently, neck bands. The real facelift results in a beautiful neck line of youth. The real face lift removes neck and under chin fat and often places it in areas of need. The real facelift usually addresses the lower and upper eyelids. The real facelift usually addresses the dropped forehead and brow and give beautiful lift and correction of frown. Why fool yourself with some limited procedure with minimal and unhappy results. That is just a waste of your money.

A real facelift takes about 5 hours and longer, if eyes and forehead are included. The procedure may last 8 to 9 hours, but then it is all done. You are asleep during the procedure and are very safe under the care of an MD anesthesiologist. Recovery to return to work is 2 weeks at the longest. There is not much pain with facial surgery. The modest discomfort is controlled with pain medication and sedatives for the first week. Yes you must make this care and time commitment but then it is done and you will look great for years to come. You may need a touch up in ten years and a little botox and juvederm off and on but overall, the results last a lifetime. Yes, many of the facelift changes last the rest of your lift. Choose wisely. Think. Select a surgeon that is FACS and ABPS. Do not be lured by offers that seem to offer things too good to be true. If it’s too goo to be true, IT PROBABLY IS NOT TRUE!

My Best, Dr C

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Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon