Chapter 2. Resources for the plastic Surgery Patient.


      In Chapter one I promised to provide more information about the American College of Surgeons        The address is 633 N Saint Claire Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60611-3211.   The Phone number is 312-202-5000 or 800-621-4111.  The fax is 312-202-5001.       This will get you to the ACS.  From there you can find if a possible doctor is a plastic surgeon, is a surgeon at all, has had formal training leading to FACS or NOT, and possibly is a doctor pretending to be a plastic surgeon.    As I said in Chapter One, if you are going to have surgery please have a surgeon do your surgery.   Determining FACS status is your FIRST STEP.   If a possible doctor is not FACS, pick a doctor that is FACS....very simple.   

     Some Information on the American College of Surgeons:

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