Celeb Secrets for Getting Photo-Op Ready for the Oscars


It’s well known that celebrities step up their beauty regimen in the weeks leading up to the Oscars, and everyone (including my patients) want to know how they do it. This isn’t the time to commit to full-fledge facelifts. Whether it’s the Oscars, a wedding, or your 40th birthday, these are the kinds of events where you want to have treatments that deliver great results in a short period of time. The good news is, there’s a lot you can do and it isn’t only available to the Hollywood elite. Check out these Oscar-worthy treatments that will get you red-carpet ready quickly leading up to your next special event:

Goddess Cheekbones
Nothing says classic beauty like high cheekbones and a well-defined chin contour, and these are achieved with two things: A dermal filler and an artistic eye. To sculpt my patients’ faces, I like to use Voluma, a temporary hyaluronic acid facial filler. The results: Nothing short of Angelina Jolie.

Classic Eyebrow Arch
All the Hollywood greats have them: A well-defined arch. You can try to create yours with a pencil or you can lay the perfect groundwork with a simple treatment that’s commonly called the “Botox brow lift.” A few strategically placed injections and voilà! You’ve got eyebrows that rival those of the forever classic Grace Kelly or the more modern Charlize Theron.

Flawless Skin
Ever wonder how certain celebrities manage to look like they’ve been airbrushed? If you’ve got five weeks, you too can replicate their results. I often prescribe a specific skin brightening regimen (ZO Medical Brightenex and C-Bright) for three weeks, which I follow up with a photo facial and Micropen with PRP. To be event-ready, the photofacial and Micropen / PRP need to be performed two weeks before your event. Your skin will rival J.Lo’s, but my patients will tell you their skin has been Manola "kissed."

Red Carpet Man
There are also several simple treatments that can give us men a more angular, chiseled face:
  • Dermal filler (Voluma) injections can be used to create a square jaw and enhance the cheekbones. 
  • "Brotox" softens lines and wrinkles that create a harsh, angry, or tired appearance. 
  • Kybella injections can dissolve excess fat from under the chin. 
  • PRP and microneedling deliver a good glow.
If you're considering any of these treatments, consult with a board-certified surgeon today.
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