Bypassing a Lift: When Breast Implants Should Do the Trick


Worldwide, breast augmentation continues to be the most popular cosmetic procedure for women of all ages, and finding the perfect look for you is what makes the investment worthwhile. Some women choose to bring their breasts to a more youthful position with a breast lift while others want to grow a cup size or two by getting breast augmentation. Many others pair the procedures to achieve the results they’re looking for, increasing breast size and improving breast position at the same time.
Sometimes, bypassing the breast lift and getting implants alone is enough to achieve the results you want. How can you tell if breast implants, a breast lift or a combination of the two is best for you?
The Benefits of Breast Enhancement Breasts come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, even if the media wants us to believe otherwise. One breast may sit higher than the other, one breast may feel fuller, or both can seem a bit smaller overall than you’d like at times.
If size is your main concern, breast implants alone can be ideal for providing a boost to your bust line without the assistance of a lift. However, if you’re concerned with breast position, implants may not be enough to create your ideal results.
Deciding on the Best Procedures for You Deciding how to get the best breast augmentation results is relatively simple when you keep a few considerations in mind both before and during your consultation. The shape and position of your breasts before augmentation can help determine which procedure(s) will work best to give you the most flattering final result.
When Breast Implants May Be All You Need Achieving your ideal breast appearance may be accomplished through breast augmentation alone when pronounced sagging, or ptosis, is not already present and nipple/areola position is not compromised. Depending on how big you’re planning on going, the added weight of implants usually isn’t enough to cause considerable stretching or sagging. Instead, properly sized breast implants can enhance your natural curves by increasing breast fullness and accentuating your bust line for more flattering proportions.
When to Include a Breast Lift If age or weight loss has left you with excess skin and nipples that point down or rest under the fold of your breast, breast implants alone may not be enough. In fact, if you’re already experiencing some degree of sagging, implants may make your breasts sag more. In this case, a combined breast augmentation and lift may be the best way to reach your goals.
A breast lift brings the breasts to a more youthful position on the torso as well as reshaping breast tissue and tightening the surrounding skin. Losing weight or undergoing the changes associated with pregnancy and nursing often affects breast position and can cause the breasts to develop a deflated appearance or the nipples to drop to an off-center location. In instances where improving breast sagging or nipple position is the primary goal, you may be able to achieve your ideal results with just a breast lift.
As always, it’s wise to discuss your concerns and questions during an in-office consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon before making a final decision about the best breast enhancement for your goals.
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