What is Buttock Augmentation with Fat Grafting?


Buttock augmentation with fat grafting is a surgical procedure that not only reshapes the buttock, but enhances the overall figure of the patient. The concept of buttock augmentation has evolved into more than just increasing the size of the buttock into idea of improving overall body shape. The idea is to narrow the then shape the buttock to the patients desires by fat grafting. There are many terms that are used interchangeably for buttock augmentation and this can often be confusing. Buttock augmentation, butt enhancement, butt lift, Brazilian butt lift are all terms used in reference to augment of the buttock. The term Brazilian butt lift is in reference to the ability to give the buttock a more rejuvenated and lifted appearance by adding volume to the buttock. The patient in the pictures is a perfect example of that situation, she desired a lifted sculpted buttock with more volume.

Who can have buttock Augmentation?

Buttock Augmentation with fat grafting has become extremely popular as it can be used to treat a wide range of patients from the twenty something year old that desires a larger buttock and improved shape to the forty year old women with two kids that has a deflated buttock that needs to be lifted and shaped. Both patients will also undergo improvement of the shape of their overall figure as part of the procedure the fat needed for shaping the buttock will be liposuction from various other areas of the body.
How can the buttock be augmented?
There are several ways in which the buttock has been augmented in the past. Initially implants were used for buttock augmentation however the shape of the buttock was limited to the shape of the implant and could not be tailored to the individual patient. The use of an implant also did not allow for contouring of the waist. A new method of buttock augmentation has evolved and is performed by micro fat grafting.

What is Fat Grafting and how is it used to shape my buttock?

The process of fat grafting is a combination of liposuction (fat harvesting) of the abdomen, flanks and hips (or other areas in which patients would have their fat liposuctioned) this fat is then processed so that only viable fat cells can be used to shape the buttock. This is often patients’ favorite part of the pre-operative evaluation when they discuss the areas that they want fat removed from! The fat is then injected in the buttock in very small amounts to sculpt the buttock as desired by the patient. This technique of fat grafting allows me to sculpt the buttock and avoid the use of any implants. This ultimately gives the patient a more natural and softer feel that avoids then need for implants or other foreign bodies to be placed in the buttock. Buttock augmentation may also be used to lift and rejuvenate a deflated buttock after weight loss, aging or pregnancy.
Good Candidates for Buttock Augmentation
Good candidates for buttock augmentation a patients that are in good physical and emotional health. They desire a more sculpted and shaped buttock. You do have to be a normal weight as you have to have sufficient areas from which to liposuction fat from that can be used to sculpt your buttock. Patients also need to have good elastic skin so that the areas that are liposuction can shrink down and improve their overall shape. Most importantly patients have to have realistic expectations about what can and cannot be done when they have a discussion about the procedure with their surgeon.

Buttock Augmentation Procedure:

The procedure of buttock augmentation is an outpatient surgical procedure that usually takes several hours to complete. Patients do require general anesthesia for the surgery. Pre-operatively areas are marked that will be liposuctioned to collect the fat that will be used to augment the buttock. The outline of the new augmented buttock will also be marked prior to the surgery.

Once the fat has been liposuctioned from the predetermined areas it is then processed so that only viable fat cells are used to shape the buttock. The only incisions made for the procedure are small 1cm incision for the liposuction and the fat injections. When the procedure is completed you will be wearing a compression garment similar to as if you had liposuction performed except the area of the buttock will either have no compression garment or a modification so that there is no pressure on the sculpted area.

Recovery from Buttock Augmentation with Fat Grafting:

The first couple weeks after surgery are the most difficult as you are limited in how much you will be able to sit as the fat grafted to the buttock needs time to heal. The amount of time that you are required to avoid any prolonged sitting or sleeping on your back will vary from surgeon to surgeon. Patients will also need to wear a special compression garment to help decrease the swelling from the areas where fat was liposuction, however it has a special opening for the buttock.

Patients’ often state that the discomfort is similar to other liposuction procedures. They can be sore, but it is rare that patients have a significant amount of pain following the procedure. Patients usually return to work in two weeks however this various from patient to patient.

Results From Buttock Augmentation with Fat Grafting:

The results from the buttock augmentation with fat grafting are dependent on the amount of fat that is used to sculpt the buttock. The amount to be used is dependent on the pre-operative discussion with your surgeon and the amount of fat that is available to be used for grafting. Extremely thin patients often do not have sufficient fat for adequate augmentation. The amazing thing about fat grafting is that it is your own natural body and thus the results are very natural in both appearance and feel. Also because the buttock is individually sculpted the ultimate shape varies on the desires of the patient.

Fat unlike other fillers lasts for years, as long as your weight is stable the fat will last. As we age we naturally lose fat through out our body so over the course of your life-time some of the fat that was used to augment your buttock will decrease.

This procedure has some of the inherent risks of any surgical procedure, which include infection, bleeding and the need for secondary procedures, however this in general is rare. Problems with the procedure occur when overzealous amounts of fat are used to augment the buttock or improper technique is used.


Buttock augmentation with fat grafting is new alternative to augmentation with implants. The benefits for augmentation with fat is that the entire body can be sculpted and shaped to enhance the patients overall figure. The long-term problems associated with implant use can be avoided. However because patients have to have sufficient fat for the procedure not everyone is a candidate. In consultation with your surgeon you can discuss if you’re a good candidate for augmentation with fat grafting.
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