Breast Reduction: When is the Right Time?


The conversation about breast reduction isn’t as popular as the one about breast enhancement

and the implants involved, between friends or plastic surgeons and their patients. When you

hear about breast surgeries, it’s usually surrounding the type of implant a woman should decide

to get, the size, shape, and texture. However, there are a large group of women all over the

world that suffer from the weight of larger than comfortable breasts. We’re all born with particu-
lar physical qualities, some of us have small breasts and some just naturally have oversized

breasts. There’s a solution for women that want to increase their breast size and shape, but

women with large breasts often feel left out. There’s no reason to because breast reduction can

save you if you’re someone that suffers from pain, discomfort, and reduced confidence. For

many women that deal with these issues as they related to large breasts, they often think about

getting them reduced a couple of sizes but when in the right time to get a breast reduction?

• When you’re in pain, having back issues.

Large breasts can pull on your back, continually pulling you forward causing you to slouch. As

your breasts grow over the years, you will experience chronic back pain from the mid-back, low-
er back, and the neck as well. Thinking about the weight of the breasts and any chest muscles

that can support them, larger breasts need more support which smaller frame proportions will

not be able to offer. There are no muscles within the breasts themselves which means the sup-
port must come from the chest wall only. Posture issues develop from the strain that breasts put

on the spine over time.

• When you’re tired of shoulder strain.

In addition to the pain from large breasts pulling on the chest muscles for support as gravity

pulls them down, your shoulders can suffer as well. Your shoulders hold the weight of your

breasts when you wear bras and burning from the straps as they continually get pulled down

against the skin can cause discomfort for many women. Shoulder muscles become tired and

worn which can cause you joint pain in later years.

• When you can’t wear the clothes you want.

Depending on the proportion of your breast size to body size, it’s often likely that women with

extremely large breast can never find clothes to compliment them. Large breasts get in the way

of fashion and comfort. When your waist size is much smaller than the width of your breasts,

this could limit your wardrobe choice tenfold. No woman should have to sacrifice fashion and


Article by
Voorhees Plastic Surgeon