Breast RedUction . The Best Plastic Surgery Procedure Ever!


Breast Reduction; The Beast Surgery Ever!
by George W. Commons, M.D. Plastic Surgery Center


Breast Reduction Is the Best Plastic Surgery Operation of All in Palo Alto, California

      Breast reduction is one of the greatest surgery in all of plastic surgery if patients are chosen correctly.  Who is the best candidate?  The woman with very very large breasts that have become a misery to her life is the best candidate.  The patient who experiences the following is the best candidate for breast reduction and who will be the happiest. 

1. Breast Pain

2. Back Pain

3. Neck Pain

4. Shoulder Notching

5. Difficulty wearing clothes

6. Under Breast intertrigo or rash

7. Difficulty running and exercising

8  Stooped Shoulders

9. Hand and Arm Pain

10. Embarrassment

11.  Excessive perspiration

12. Worry on dates or social occasions

13. Fear of wearing a bathing suit

14. Experienced name calling, whistling, and disparaging remarks

15. Agony over large breast since childhood

16. Discomfort in all social and business interaction

17. Nipple Pain

18. Flip flopping of breasts in exercise or yoga etc classes.

19. Breasts rubbing together in the cleavage area and irritating

20. A tipsy feeling

21. A tilting feeling if asymmetry or one sided macromastia.  This causing a twisting low back pain.

22. Emotion and Psychiatric disorders emanating for the large breast problem

   This is but a limited list of discomforts and anxieties patients express.   Generall a lovery breast reduction corrects all or many of the symptoms.  Withe the modern vertical reduction and a short scar the operation has become just wonderful.  It is the  most universally appreciated operation in plastic surgery.  It is not by accident that often over 95% of women feel the operation was not only worth it but in fact changed their lives.   Additional good news is that often insurance will cover the operation or at least a portion of it.  There are insurance guidelines, but we have had great success when above type symptoms are present and documented.   The procedure is accomplished in an outpatient facility and is an out-patient procedure.  Hospitalization is absolutely not necessary.   Modern surgery techniques are accompanies by quite mild discomfort.  Recovery is quick and easy with return to work in 5 days and to full activity in 2 weeks.  Seek consultation with an ABPS Certified surgeon who has done many breast reductions and has much experience. Call the American Society of Plastic Surgery for referrals.   Do not deny yourself this great operation if you want it, need it, and are reasonably healthy.  If in doubt get 3 or 4 consultations.  Good Luck and have a great year.


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