Do You Always Need a Breast Lift When Downsizing Implants?


If women decide they want to have their breast implants downsized or removed, they may wonder if a breast lift will be necessary at the same time as well. Whether or not a breast lift will be needed will depend on several different factors, and varies from patient to patient.

How Implants Impact Your Breast

Women who decide fairly soon after their augmentation to exchange their implants for smaller ones may avoid the need for a lift. When the implants aren't left in the breast pocket very long before exchange or removal, the skin and tissue may not have stretched enough to necessitate correction. Implant placement comes into play here as well, as large implants placed over the muscle place more tension on the breast skin compared to submuscular placement.

When a patient opts for a very large implant during augmentation, she must understand that she's changing the anatomy of her breast. After breast augmentation with larger implants, the skin and the breast tissue stretch to accommodate the volume of the implant. When a patient downsizes to a dramatically smaller implant, the skin and tissue may not quite return to pre-surgery shape and placement, necessitating a lift during her breast revision surgery for the best results.

The amount of elasticity in the patient's skin will also help determine whether or not a lift will be needed after your  breast implant exchange. Younger women may be able to downsize without a lift because their skin is likely to be fairly resilient, while older women may find their skin simply lacks the ability to bounce back to a smaller size. 
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