What you should know about Breast Implants


If you 're one of the people that to look a more suitable volume to your breasts need to wear those uncomfortable padded bras, it's time to think of a more definitive solution: breast implants.
Did you know that there are two types of breast implants ?
1. The silicone gel
2. The saline water
These two types of implants have a common denominator : the wrapper.
Both implants uses the same housing, wich is from silicone, the only thing that changes is its content, one is with water, the other is a gel
Today with the security that the state of the art cohesive silicone gel and trilaminar sealed envelopes , these implants are the best option because of the lifespan, tact and especially how it does not evaporate like water .
There are four types of wrappers :
1. Smooth
2 . Textured
3. Micro - textured
4. Polyurethane
There are also different projections:
1. Low Profile
2. High Profile
3. Extra High Profile
What is your decision when thinking about an augmentation?
My answer is , trust your surgeons experience. Depending on your case, he'll know how to make the best decision .
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon