Will Breast Implants Change Your Life?


Choosing to have plastic surgery performed is a decision that must be considered carefully. Though a procedure such as breast augmentation can certainly change your appearance and help redefine your image, it’s important to manage your expectations about your results.

Many women who are dissatisfied with the size or appearance of their breasts consider getting breast implants, which can be a good option for women who have never been satisfied with the aesthetics of their breasts. However, breast augmentation surgery isn’t suitable for everyone, and shouldn’t be viewed as a method of coping with underlying problems or their causes.

Benefits of Breast Implants The potential benefits of breast augmentation surgery are numerous. Primarily, you can improve your appearance by choosing an implant size and shape that will flatter your figure, which in turn can help increase your confidence. To this end, choosing the correct implant size is important in creating a natural look that will help bring out the best in your body.

Alongside being able to customize your appearance to your personal preference, life after getting breast implants can be noticeably improved as well. For example, women who have struggled with self-confidence issues regarding their breasts may find that those issues are much improved post-surgery. Feeling more sure of yourself can have a ripple effect of positive changes in many aspects of your life that extend far beyond the physical. At the same time, getting breast implants is primarily a cosmetic change that shouldn’t be viewed as a cure-all.

Is Plastic Surgery Right for You? While cosmetic surgery can be an effective tool for helping boost your self-image if you feel sensitive about the appearance of a particular area of your body, like your breasts, surgery alone isn’t likely to correct more serious issues you may be dealing with. For instance, women suffering from depression, anxiety or severe body dysmorphia may believe that having corrective surgery will relieve their stress and change the way they view themselves, but this is not always the case.

Plastic surgery may also often be considered as a response to emotionally traumatic events, such as a divorce or separation. In cases like this, plastic surgery may be viewed as a way to get a fresh start. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel great about your looks, turning to surgery as a quick fix in times of stress may lead to more problems in the future, especially if the decision is made in haste. It’s possible for underlying problems to become masked by a post-surgery sense of satisfaction, only to return later and worse than before for never having been properly addressed to begin with.

Feeling Great about Your Results In a psychological study on the long-term impact of plastic surgery, researchers found that those participants who had realistic goals about the outcome of their procedure reported high levels of satisfaction with their results. They felt healthier, described themselves as less anxious, and felt more attractive overall.
The bottom line is that a breast augmentation can change the way you view yourself, but needs to be done with the right reasons in mind. Surgery should not be performed to try to appease others, to alleviate emotional distress, to fix a problem in your life, or really for any reasons other than those directly related to your physical appearance. Any cosmetic procedures should be considered with your own sense of wellness and self-confidence as the number one priority.
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