How Many Breast Implant Options Do You Really Need?


A recent article posted on the plastic surgery site, RealSelf talks about how the NATRELLE® INSPIRA® line of 5th generation silicone breast implants offers over 400 different options for a custom profile and appearance.

To many women, this may sound like they'll have as many choices as they could ever need to achieve the look they hope to see. In reality, though, too many options may end up feeling overwhelming instead. And even more importantly, the decision of which implant will be best for helping you meet your breast appearance goals should really rest in the hands of your surgeon rather than the suggestion of an implant manufacturer.

Criteria for Choosing Breast Implants

Women tend to think of their final breast augmentation outcome in terms of bra size. It's very common to hear patients say they hope to be a D or a DD cup after their procedure. Yet, bra sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, sometimes drastically, making this a poor way to gauge results.
Instead, Dr. Meade will look at more objective criteria when discussing your goals:

  • Breast width diameter: The diameter of your breast base, or breast width diameter, is one of the first measurements Dr. Meade will consider when deciding on an implant volume. Implants that are wider than your breast base can be too visible. In many cases, implants that are slightly smaller than your breast base diameter will help to achieve the most natural look.
  • Amount of natural breast tissue: Women who already enjoy a moderate breast size prior to augmentation will need smaller implants than women with smaller breasts in order to achieve the same end result. Coverage over the implant is another factor to think about, and this can affect the decision about implant placement (over or under the muscle) as well.
  • Skin quality: Women with thinner breast skin are more likely to need their implants placed under the chest muscle to achieve a natural appearance. And women with lax or loose breast skin may benefit from a larger implant to better create smoother, fuller curves.
These are just a few examples, as there are a number of variances that have to be weighed before Dr. Meade makes any recommendations about breast implant size. Your overall proportions also play a major role in how your final results will appear.

A Range of Breast Implant Options

While size is the first quality women tend to think of when it comes to breast implants, there are other implant characteristics that can influence look and feel:

  • Outer shell (textured or smooth)
  • Silicone gel consistency (softer or firmer)
  • Projection (the distance the implant extends outward from the chest wall)
Each woman is unique and has her own idea of how her "dream look" should appear. By making different decisions about implant volume, outer shell texture, firmness and projection, Dr. Meade can develop a recommendation that meets your individual breast augmentation goals.

Customizing Your Breast Augmentation
The best breast augmentation results are always achieved when the surgeon customizes the procedure to a patient's body type and personal preferences. For this reason, it's essential to work only with a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in performing breast augmentation. This level of professional expertise means your surgeon can help you properly navigate the oftentimes confusing array of options that are available when it comes to breast implants. 
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