Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation was the most common cosmetic procedure performed by plastic surgeons in 2013 with almost 300,000 augmentations. It has become so popular as patients are extremely happy and the recovery is very easy.

Who is a good candidate for breast Augmentation

Any patient that would like to improve the overall appearance of their breasts is a good candidate for breast augmentation. Generally we see patients in two categories, the first is women who were born with small breasts and would like to increase the overall size of the breast and improve the appearance. The second group is women that have had children, after child birth and breast feeding they developed deflated breasts. An augmentation can be done to restore the volume, shape and youthful appearance that they once had in their breasts.

Breast Augmentation Procedure
This is the most import part of the process as this is where you and your physician have the opportunity to discuss the surgery and your options. The most difficult discussion for women is what size implants to have for their augmentation. I often get the question “which is the best implant for me” and the true answer is there is no one perfect implant. The benefit surgeons have now over ten years ago is the unlimited options in implants to tailor the augmentation to the body and desires of each individual patient.
Every surgeon has their own system to help you with the process of deciding on the appropriate implant size. I personally like to have patients put on a bra and try on a variety of implants in the office so that they get a realistic idea of what each size would look like on them. Then I use the patients measurements of their breast to determine the appropriate implant for them.
The surgery is performed one of three ways most commonly, from an incision along the border of the areola, at the bottom fold of the breast or from the axilla. The implant is typically placed under the muscle to give the breast a more natural appearance and feel. Patients have the option of silicone or saline implants they both have advantages and disadvantages and should be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

Recovery from breast augmentation
Patients are able to go home the same day after their surgery. I typically tell patients that they should be able to resume all of their normal daily activities in a week (most sooner that that) and back to work or school in that time. Patients do feel the pressure of the implant stretching the muscle and that sensation does take several weeks to resolve. However most patients are able to go out to dinner the next day after breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation has become extremely popular as it is a safe procedure in which patients are extremely happy with after surgery.
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