Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation with implants is the most demanded plastic surgery for women worldwide, the result of it not only depends on the hands of the surgeon but also the reaction of our body and the care we ourselves have before and More so after the intervention. That is why today we are going to highlight the best post-surgical tips to get the best results.

1. REST. You probably feel fatigued and painful in your breasts the first few days after surgery.

2. ASK FOR HELP. After surgery you will be limited to almost all physical activity until combing and bathing, so it is best to have someone, a relative or friend, to take care of you the first few days.

3. MASSAGES. It is not necessary to massage ("not to be encapsulated"), in fact it is formally contraindicated with some implants.

4. SUPPORT. No matter how uncomfortable it may seem, avoid taking the post-surgical brace for at least the first 30 days.

5. MOUTH UP. Sleeping up and tilted (semi seated) is ideal, you can place several pillows to find the best position.

6. AVOID THE SUN. The sun is one of the enemies of sensitive skin, so avoid contact with it.

7. ZERO SCARING. A great concern is how the scar of this operation will remain, so we recommend the use of products that prevent this brand from staying with us.

8. HYGIENE. Beware of contact in the first few days, try to clean the wounds using sterilized utensils, make your hands clean and germ free.

9. LIQUIDS. Hydration is extremely important in the recovery of any surgery, so we can not leave it out in our tips. Take as much water as possible, this will help with inflammation and in turn with skin recovery and healing.

Article by
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon