How Breast Augmentation Changes at Different Stages of Life


Adapting breast augmentation procedures to age and cosmetic goals can mean seeing a better outcome in the end. Over the years, breasts change due to weight fluctuations, gravity and hormones along with age, and all of these details have to be taken into account before moving forward with breast augmentation. If you're thinking about breast implants, there are a few age-related considerations that can be helpful at any time of life.
A "Best" Age for Breast Augmentation? While many women’s breast are fully developed by age 18, it's not uncommon to see breasts continue developing into a woman’s 20s. Until complete physical maturity is reached, it's best to wait on making any big decisions about breast enhancement. Additionally, emotional maturity is different for every woman as well, which has to be taken into account just as much as chronological age. Other questions to ask before breast augmentation include your plans for the future, such as whether you plan to have kids or breastfeed.
Many women of all ages and from all walks of life decide to undergo breast augmentation. Ultimately, there isn't really a "best" time to get breast implants, as beautiful results can be seen at any age. However, your age can affect your outcome in the sense that there are different factors that need to be weighed, depending on the stage of life you're in when you do commit to breast augmentation.
Breast Implants in Your 20s Although cosmetic breast augmentation is advised against for teenagers, getting breast implants in your 20s can be ideal in terms of things like breast tissue firmness, skin elasticity and rate of recovery. Younger women can often opt for more dramatic high-profile implants while still enjoying a natural-looking result, as the natural breasts tend to be high and firm during this decade.
Breast Implants in Your 30s According to the 2014 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the largest percentage of women undergoing breast augmentation range in age from 30 to 39.
Women in their 30s have a number of reasons why this decade could be great for getting implants: the tumultuous (and low-income) college years are now behind them, they're mature and self-aware enough to be more emotionally prepared for the commitment of breast augmentation, and they may have already completed their families.
From a technical standpoint, women in their 30s may be better candidates for moderate or moderate plus profile implants, which add a modest level of projection that more closely mimics the natural breast curvature of women in this age group.
Breast Implants in Your 40s By their 40s, most women enjoy well-established personal lives as well as greater professional and financial stability. This combination adds up to a great time to consider breast implants. By this decade, breast augmentation may often be paired with a breast lift (mastopexy) if the natural breasts have started sagging.
Breast Implants in Your 50s and Beyond While getting implants may be thought of as a younger woman's game, there are certainly retirees who decide in their 50s or older that it's finally time to invest a little something back in themselves. In these women, breast implants plus a lift can restore a firmer, more youthful appearance to the entire figure.
While your breast augmentation results [/url] should be long-lasting regardless of age, take time to consult with your plastic surgeon about when the timing could be best for you to consider your own breast enhancement.
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