Breast Augmentation using fat transfer on Aesthetic Cases (Not Reconstructive)


Some authors speak about their experiences regarding breast augmentation using your own fat. It is important to clarify that those who work on this have an important hospital support and specialized for those results. I’ll explain myself further, any type of fat injected into your body will create calcifications. Calcifications and micro-calcifications formed in the breast is a synonym for cancer; these authors have identified and defined breast calcifications to differentiate it from micro-calcifications suggestive of cancer. But, do we dispose of the radiologic equipment and pathologists that are consistently studying and are specialized on this type of patient?

The fat found in the breast has a combined tissue that is very different from the fat found in the rest of the body. By injecting fat from another place in those organs then we are changing the way of the cellularity therefore stimulating those cells to recognize a strange tissue.

I have been working for over 25 years with fat and transferring it in all parts of the body except the breast. I prefer to see the evolution of those patients presented in a convention of our specialty and I will never put my patients at risk or using them as guinea pigs.

It’s important to clarify that fat transfer into your breast can’t increase your cup size more than one size. If the patient wants to modify this organ with a more natural look, round, cleavage, attractive, then fat transfer is not the best option, without mentioning the further complications that can arise.

I’ll dare to say that I have the sufficient experience to talk about fat transfer for the thousands of patients I’ve injected and continue to inject. I respect those who choose to perform this kind of procedure on the breast; however, I choose not to experiment with my patients.
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon