Brazilian butt lift....everything you have to know.


Maybe it's the summer and the beautiful swimsuits are the latest fashion, but we all want a perfect body, don’t we? It is a great dream, and to achieve this we use all the resources at our disposal. Plastic surgery is one of them. One of the most popular procedures in recent times is the "Brazilian butt lift".

This surgery involves removing excess fat in those areas we dislike (usually abdomen, back, waist, horrible love handles, among many others) and injecting it into the buttock areas that require it, this way we can improve the volume and the form of the butt.

This procedure is performed through small incisions, through which a suction cannula is introduced to remove excess fat. The patient is then subjected to a preparation for later be injected into the buttock area. The great advantage of this technique is that there is no risk of rejection because tissue is from the same patient, Also It offers a more natural look of the buttocks and it has a quick postoperative recovery process. Oh, and a very important fact, it’s cheaper than the gluteal prosthesis.

There’s a couple of disadvantages that are worth mentioning, one is that in order to do this procedure you must have certain amount of fatty tissue, so very thin women do not qualify. Of the injected amount of fat your body will retain only from 40 to 70 percent.
Now we can have the butt we want, but remember there are two important things in order to succeed in this procedure, first the procedure must be done by a certified plastic surgeon and second follow the post-surgery instructions strictly if you follow them the risk of infection or any other inconvenience minimizes greatly.

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