Bra Fat--the Other Bulge


Bra Fat- The Other Bulge.

You know exactly what this is: that unattractive bulge in the   upper corner of the armpit and on the rib cage that oozes out from under your bra.  So many patients complain about Bra Fat, but most don’t realize that it is so easily treated. Many times, patients are looking for other procedures like breast augmentation/lifts or tummy tucks and come into the office saying “Oh, by the way doctor, is there anything you can do for this...this…bra fat?” The answer is YES!

Bra Fat most commonly affects women over 30 years of age. Over time, and as gravity works its “magic,” the breasts descend. This then causes some of the tissue from the armpit area to move forward, where it is now more visible. If breast fullness also decreases, Bra Fat becomes only that much more noticeable as there is less to hide or conceal the Bra Fat. This explains why many women only notice this problem   after childbirth or weight loss.


What is a Bra Fat?
Anatomically, Bra Fat is just that: pesky fatty tissue and a little extra skin. The roll of Bra Fat you see on your sides is considered part of the torso. It is fatty tissue and skin that attaches above and below the fat ‘pocket’ to the muscles underneath which then creates the appearance of a roll. As you have probably already realized, wearing a firmer bra, especially one
that accentuates your cleavage, often  scrunches up the Bra Fat and makes  it more noticeable.

The Cosmetic Evaluation
The first step in fixing your Bra Fat problem is evaluating the entire breast area. Each case is unique and may require a different solution from the next. For example, if the breasts are heavy, they can pull the skin on the sides forward and accentuate the Bra Fat problem. In order to determine a solution for your specific needs, the entire breast area will be evaluated, including the amount of fatty tissue, skin tone, elasticity, where the ‘rolls’ are located, as well as the size, shape and position of the breasts.


The good news is that Bra Fat is treatable! The great news is that for the vast majority, Bra Fat can be treated with liposuction techniques, done right in the office using local anesthesia! Results will be immediate and obvious improvement will be seen at the conclusion of the procedure. If your case is a little more extensive, a more assertive liposuction will be needed and in this instance, light anesthesia is beneficial. In either case, Bra Fat is completely treatable and skin rarely ever requires removal. Removing your rolls of Bra Fat will without question improve the appearance of the chest and torso area. Many women chose to take the experience to that extra step and further their enhancement with an augmentation, lift, or both.
While undergoing these procedures is not totally necessary to treat the Bra Fat problem, it will only further enhance the appearance of the chest area.

Cost of Surgery
The fee for Bra Fat correction generally runs about $2,500 - not including any facility and anesthesia charges.

—Dr.    Andrew     Ress    

Article by
Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon