Anyone suggesting that Botox be given to people in their twenties may be criticized by the establishment, but WHY???

Young people get tattoos all over their faces and bodies, piercings in very painful and even unimaginable places, dye their hair with colors never seen in nature and have their cell phones pressed against their heads for hours on end without ever thinking about the long term aesthetic, or in the case of cell phones, health, consequences.

In our media driven, Photoshopped world, even certain young people can sometimes use a bit of help from BOTOX.  For example, in New York City, where models abound and the pressure to succeed is overwhelming, there is no scientific reason that a small amount of Botox in a troubled area is harmful.

Wrinkles can develop as early as the twenties and then deepen through one’s life.  Whether it’s the transverse worry lines of the forehead, the “11” between the eyebrows, or the laugh lines that form crow’s feet around the eyes, a small amount of Botox administered during a nearly painless procedure can erase them and prevent their future development and permanent unwanted lines.

BOTOX is a great confidence booster for any woman (or man) that feels that maintaining a youthful wrinkle free persona will contribute to their happiness and maybe even their careers.      

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Article by
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