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I just selected Dr. Sadeh as my surgeon. I feel...

I just selected Dr. Sadeh as my surgeon. I feel confident that he understands the shape that I desire. I feel like everything is moving really fast though. I had my consult a month ago, and now I have a tentative date for June 3rd. I've been stalking this page so much, but still I'm clueless about some things. Like what type of "supplies" do you ladies recommend? I'll e getting my surgery done in my city, so I'll be recovering in the comfort of my home with my bf and friend helping. Thanks!

I'm so nervous!

My pre-op appointment is tomorrow and my surgery is set for next Friday.
Holy crap I feel like this is happening so fast!!
Ladies, how did you deal with anxiety?

NYC, not Little York

Idek where Little York is... Let alone how to change my location...but please let it be known I'm from the big apple baby lol

Wish pics

This white girl got body!!! I love Niykee Heaton's body (post surgery, oop ????) and she is my ultimate goal.
I love the shape of her hips and thighs in relation to her butt. Because I do have thick thighs, I want to stay juicy on the bottom and slim up top. I think that'll help my shape look more natural. As opposed to boom bang bam, because everyone will know I had surgery and didn't spend hours in the "gym" ha!

Just had my pre-op appt

And I can't stop smiling and doing little happy dances! Dr. Sadeh had just gotten out of surgery when I saw him, and even though he looked tired AF like he'd been nonstop working (he looks even better in scrubs omg).
I brought my fiancé along with me (he's paying, I feel so blessed) and he sat there like a kid with his arms crossed, scowling lol. He thinks it's the stupidest thing ever, but Sadeh really took his time to ensure him he will not mess up what is perfection in my man's eyes.
He answered all my last minute questions as well... I'm just so anxious with my surgery being 8 days away. And 20 days later I'll be debuting my body in DR so I really want recovery to be smooth.
When I was leaving the office, his patient who he just operated on was leaving the office. The nurse was so sweet, she helped her to her car, where her bf was waiting and made sure she was comfortable laying down in the backseat. She helped wrap her in a blanket, too. Oh - and told her bf to avoid potholes in the road lol. This was my first glimpse of the type of personal aftercare that they offer.
After seeing that, I was like, "I want that to be meeee!!!!!"

My stats

For anyone wondering, I'm 5'8" and 140lbs, 34-30-39
I'm slender, but I'm so used to sucking my stomach in so it'll be 27in lol
But I did gain about 5-6lbs since Feb.

Supply shopping!

As much as I love shopping, making sure I have everything I need is stressing me out lol. I have a tendency to go overboard, but with recovery, I feel like better safe than sorry! So this is my list of items I have so far: - Antibacterial soap (generic Rite aid brand) - Heavy flow maxi pads (I'll have my period ugh) - Arnicare gel, 4oz ($17, Whole Foods - I've seen on Amazon, but I just happened to see all of the Arnicare products while I was food shopping - in the Body section) - Arnicare pellets, 80 ($5) and tablets, 50 ($6) Plant based protein shake in Vanilla Caramel ($22, I love that this has macs powder, chia and flax seeds, among other essential vitamins) - Iron supplement, 18mg - Vitamin E, 400 IU (whatever that means) - Camping chair that I'll cut a hole in for my booty - Sensitive skin baby wipes - Waterproof band aids So far I've spent about $80 on supplies. There's a few more item I need to get. Like... Body/preg pillow, first aid supplies, extendable back scratcher, urine funnel, wee wee pads, half foam roller. That's all I can think of at this point. I have so many lists and notes, it's time to consolidate lol

I feel so guilty!

Sooo my surgery is at the end of the week... Basically days away. Today I had a friend in town and she's a big drinker so she's like why aren't you drinking? When I tell her what I'm doing, she's like bish you're not getting an organ transplant so chill. And talked me into having a drink.

So now I feel like I just did so much harm to my body and I've been working so hard to rid my body of toxins (I booked my surgery last minute so I didn't have months of prep or anything).
I feel like I didn't have enough self control, and also what kind of friend isn't supportive? Ugh I'm just annoyed. So I went to Bikram yoga to sweat it out and drank like a liter of water to flush it out. I'm boosting my fruits and veggies and plant based protein intake from now on.

I'm just not feeling good at all, and it's a holiday weekend. So I feel like I need to quarantine myself until Friday!

Stressed... But trying to stay positive

I'm sitting here by myself just thinking.... I'm getting if from all sides from family, friends, bf, life in general... This is supposed to be such a happy time as my surgery date is approaching, but I'm getting hit with BS everyday - not people being unsupportive, just drama and unnecessary issues. My bf is not supportive at all though. He's helping financially, but let me know how he really feels about this. I told him if he has anything negative to say, don't say anything! And since then, not a peep ???? And my family and friends are always stressing me - asking for money, being inconsiderate, having no chill, etc. I have anxiety disorder and I'm learning how to cope and deal with stress in relationships, because I'm such a people pleaser. So now that I'm sitting here in my thoughts and feelings like damn! I'm worried about so many other things, I need to focus my energy on being positive - but it's hard right now. Especially with my boyfriend choosing not to be with me during recovery. That really hurts. So now I have to rely on a good friend (but she has a short fuse so I don't want her around too long). Then I'll be by myself again until my fiancé gets back in town (we don't live together, I love alone). Even though I don't have any "friends" on here yet, it just helps to vent to someone or something lol. This is like my BBL diary... So I'll keep all this up. Maybe someone down the line reads this and vibes with it. Maybe all these emotions are normal. I know I'm definitely overly emotional bc in PMSing. Oh! My period is coming surgery day (of course it is!) see what I mean when I say I can't catch a break?

Loving the app!

Just an FYI. Plus you can browse discretely so there are no more bare butts all over my phone while I'm in public (or next to my bf - "you're on that site AGAIN?")
Its very easy to navigate and communicate. Because of that, I've been more active on the site and have received some love from my fellow BBLers. Thanks, ladies!

Surgeon isn't requiring lab work

And that's another thing that's got me aggy! I can't imagine a surgeon operating on me under anesthesia without having my blood work, or at least an idea of what's going on with me internally. He says (actually his office manager) since I'm young and fit, it's not necessary. I think I'm going to go to my PCP and request they do this before Friday. I just remember last time I was in the hospital (March), they said my red blood cells were low. When I checked this w/ my PCP she says its in a normal range for a young, menstruating woman. But I'm also nervous bc I'm due to start my period surgery day so I'm like damn, even more blood loss. I've been taking iron for the last week, and I think I'm going to take this matter in my own hands! I don't want to doubt someone I just paid 5k to! I'm going to contact the surgeon's office ASAP. What do you ladies think? And where did you go for blood work? Thanks xo

Thank for the support

Isn't it crazy how complete strangers can offer the best comfort? I'm so grateful for this website and thanks to the ladies who have reached out.
I've never been one to talk about feelings and stuff (because I'm a G lol) but I think the anonymity of the site allows me to be transparent and say how I feel about my journey, good or bad.
RS is such a good outlet for women who don't much much support from friends or loved ones. Like, who else are we going to vent to?
So reading the replies earlier today really had me hyped and confirmed that I'm doing the right thing, something for ME.
I've been reading various BBL stories for years and I'm excited that I can share my story, emotions and all - PS is more than the operation itself!
I'm more than happy to offer support and positivity to other ladies as well, I think we need to spread more of that around in general.

Good night xo


The closer I get to surgery, the more late nights/early mornings I'm on this site. Really it's all day! Reading stories, looking at pics, reassuring myself... My anxiety has really been getting to me and last night I had a full blown panic attack, it's been months since I've had one that bad. I'm not even a religious person, but prayers going up daily (remember me God?) Of course I don't want to go into surgery with negative or doubtful vibes, but I'm realistically looking at the situation, i.e. the risks. Then there's the risk that I'll be too hot to handle lmfao. I'm just so hot and cold when it comes to this sx. One minute I'm like hell yes I'm gonna have a killer body. Then I'm like aw shit am I really doing this yo???? Lol More supplies are coming so that's exciting! The pillow I have is amazinnnngggg. It's a preggo pillow that's like a snake basically. The boppy pillows just look uncomfortable and not protective enough, if you know what I mean. Since I don't have a lot of fat to begin with, my new new is going to be handled carefully so I can retain as much as possible. So I can coil this pillow to my desired height and circumference so my butt isn't experiencing any pressure. I can use this to sleep with too, to prevent from rolling on my sides. I'm mostly a belly sleeper anyway. The brand is Born Free from Amazon and I got it for $40. One thing I am noticing is I'm eating less! I have 3 pineapple, blueberry and veggie (kale, spinach, or broccoli) shakes for anti inflammatory purposes along with iron supplements and regular meals. But this is not the time to be losing weight. It's almost 5am so I'm going to take my ass to bed - no pun.

Surgery tmrw!!

All I'm thinking is OMG OMG OMG lol. Now that I have my emotions in check and my big girl panties on, I can't wait to just wake up with a booty! I'm too hype. Hope I take surgery like a G, but I'll prob be crying like a B lol

It's that time..

Aw shit now! I'm signing my life away now, doing paperwork. I got to the office early because I woke up at 5:45am and didn't have much to do since I prepped everything last night. Took a shower, and headed to Dr. Sadeh's office. I live about 15 mins away. He was the only one in the office when I arrived so we sat and chatted, he's super chill and easy going. The nurses started coming in and he gave me the paperwork. Lmfao right now I can hear him in the back getting ready, singing along to the radio.. this dude. He just makes me feel so comfortable, and at the same time very professional. Right now I'm relaxing in the lobby, reading the paper, sending out text blasts, etc before I go back. Will keep you ladies updated. Wish me luck!

I'm out!

Pain. Not too bad laying in the backseat of the car and the first thing unthought of is showing y'all ladies my new ass!!

My SX experience + 1 day post op

Okay so now I'm ready to keep it all the way real now that I'm coherent. To me, surgery was a breeze. I did have a moment of panic when I was on the table and I was literally refusing to breathe in the gas and shaking my head no. Both nurses were holding my hands and rubbing my stomach to relax me. That's the last thing I remember. I'm sure they're used to people having last minute panic. Waking up in recovery, I was on my stomach and had the nurse take a picture of course! I was definitely loopy and saying some crazy ish lol. Thank god my Über came in a GMC truck so I laid out and had a quick nap omw home. It must've been the anesthetic still in my system bc I was feeling like superwoman. I'm like, this is it? Damn I'm bout to get some more plastic surgery lol. But I was definitely still high and doing the most like trying to try on clothes already smh. I did have a nurse to help me until my friend was able to come by. But I just ended up falling asleep and just waking up to eat a little bit. After I had some noodle soup, I did have one of the 5mg percs. Which made me sick within 30 mins. I threw up everything I ate and felt nauseous for the rest of the night. I had a apple, lemon and ginger smoothie that I drank before bed. Sleeping.... This is going to be a struggle. Getting in and out of bed too. Today I was crying in frustration bc I couldn't get in a comfortable position. And I'm a stomach sleeper! I just felt so trapped, thinking this recovery is going to be so long... I woke up every 2 hrs. I think I've found a way to chill during the day - I have my living room ottoman to the side of my bed, so I can kneel on that and have my upper body on my bed, resting on pillows. So much easier to get up, I've been using my arms to push myself up out of bed and they're sore already! Today waking up I was sooooooo sore and stiff (but no real pain). Mostly discomfort, like I ran a 100k marathon or something. My stomach and back where Sadeh did the lipo are sore and completely numb. I've been rubbing a the arnica gel on all my tender areas with a little bit of castor oil to help with the tenderness. My butt feels tingly at sometimes (fat settling in to its new home I hope lmfao) and it's not very hard, a little bouncy so I'm sure it'll fluff out nicely. I just took a Percocet with my soup, so crossing my fingers I'll be ok. I'm sure it was just the anesthesia still in my system yesterday. I'm starting to bruise right underneath my boobs, where I had the least amount of fat. But he was not aggressive at all, even though he found some good places to lipo like the area on my back by my shoulder blades and armpits. It's pretty easy for me to walk around (slowly) and I only felt dizzy when I first got up this morning. But I could barely open my left eye it was so swollen! It was scary, but after I washed my face, the swelling went down. I'm staying hydrated and even though I don't have an appetite, ramen noodles, pineapple chunks, and my pre-made fruit and veggie smoothies are doing the job. All in all, the major annoyances are - getting in and out of bed - the tenderness on my stomach - my back is so itchy (I have a back scratcher!) - nausea from pain pills (I take tums beforehand, helping a bit) - using the bathroom (I have the Peeez, but I also have my period fml) - no BM yet, I feel like it's coming and then nothing - vaginal soreness, have to be very careful when wiping (sorry those were TMI but I said I was gonna keep it real!) - boredom...some hardcore Netflix is happening I'M SOOOOO HAPPY I DID THIS! But I know the road to recovery has just begun. Thanks for the well wishes ladies - I'm feeling the love from afar! Xo

So. Damn. Itchy... Day 2

So it's the second full day since my BBL and I'm scratching everywhere! Nonstop. Especially the lipo areas, my back and stomach. I've tried hydrocortisone cream and Benedryl but it barely helps. I know the Percocet makes you itch, but I haven't been taking then on the reg bc I'm not even in pain, which is crazy! I can't believe it. On a scale of 1-10, the discomfort is about a 3 or 4. When I wake up in the morning/middle of the night, it's about a 6. Itchiness is at 100! And it's so weird to scratch numb skin, no satisfaction. I got calamine lotion that my friend rubbed all over me because at one point it felt like a million ants all over me. That was the only thing that gave me temporary relief. *BTW* I'm not in a garment until my first post op appointment. Also, I thought I'd be moaning and groaning and completely bed ridden. But I'm able to walk around, go to the bathroom by myself, change clothes, light cleaning, etc. Even though I feel good, I'm trying not to do too much, so it's great having my friend here to help me. Like I thought in the middle of the night I could pour a cup of juice and ended up spilling the whole container on the floor smh I was so weak. So I'm getting used to asking for help, even when I feel like I don't need it. Overall, I just feel so lucky that my recovery has gone so smooth. I hear the few days post op are the worst, but I've been handling mine okay. I did a lot to prep for surgery like yoga, eating plenty anti inflammatory foods, iron supplements, arnica tablets, even meditation... Anything positive for my body and mind. Dr. Sadeh called yesterday to make sure all is well. All I kept saying was OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! Many of his clients are smaller figured so he knows how to sculpt and shape your body so everything is proportionate. I had two surgeons in Miami turn me away bc of my lack of fat. But Sadeh understood that I wanted the curves rather than a big ol' booty. I believe he put in 700-800 CC's (what we discussed in our pre-op appt) but will confirm with him later. I believe my shape will look natural and easier to pass as legit hehe.

2 days pre vs. 2 days post

I didn't want a lot of projection... But I love the scoop on my back. I wanted fuller hips, but right now I can't tell that much of a difference. My sides are still swollen, my stomach too - but I can tell my stomach will be flat yessssss.

Post Op Appt

All week I was nervous bc my surgeon doesn't have us in garments post surgery (no drains either). After the third day, my flat stomach was looking bloated and I'm like noooo, the lipooo! So I called the coordinator (Mikal) and asked her if I can wear a waist trainer because I really want my stomach snatched. She did it was okay for a few hrs at a time, which I did up until today.

Dr. Sadeh was in surgery all day, so I saw a nurse. I was informed of this when making my appointment.
I got my stitches taken out which was a breeze. Diane, the main nurse is really nice and sweet. I was talking to her like a girlfriend. She was with me before and after surgery and she's meant to be a nurse, she was literally trying to stop traffic to help me get into the car after surgery, I remember now.

Got damn, getting into my garment was rough! I screamed out and cried like I was getting murdered lol. Now I know what the girls were talking about!! By as soon as it was on and I saw myself in the mirror I was hyped all over again.

When I got home, I unzipped it and rubbed my belly with some almond oil bc the fabric was rubbing against my skin and burning, then put it back on.

I'm going to begin massages next week. I was referred to a woman who's right by the office. I also got some samples and coupons of Mederma w/ spf 30, which is a plus.

17 days post op

Just wanted to show off hehe
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sadeh himself is very charming and easy to talk to and trust upon meeting him. Despite not having a lot of picture evidence or social media presence I based my decision on my consultation. Risky, bad I'm glad I made my decision. I had a lot of communication with his coordinator (and wife) Mikal. The day I went in to make a payment I scrambled to make sure I had the money. Then I found out they didn't process until a week later. Sadeh has great bedside matter, but aftercare could use some improvement. He called me the day after surgery to check in. I was seen my a nurse during my post-op because I was scheduled on a day he was full of surgeries. So far, no other post-op appointments have been offered or mentioned. I'm only 2.5 weeks post-op, so my body is still changing. But so far happy with my results.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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