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I have only 3 more days until surgery! I was super...

I have only 3 more days until surgery! I was super excited last week, but now I am feeling so nervous and a bit stressed out. Has anyone experienced this days before surgery? I don't know if its necessarily about the procedure itself, or just feeling like i'm being vein or selfish by spending so much $$ on myself :/ -- I'm hoping that typing out and sharing my experience will help calm the nerves.

I will be getting either 300cc or 325cc Silicone Sientra smooth, moderate plus profile implants, under the muscle with areola incision. Currently I am a 32AA - 5'4" & 106lbs. I am really hoping the size is right. I know that any size I get will probably look huge right away since I'm so use to seeing my itty-bitties! I have to decide that morning whether to go with the 300cc or 325cc & I am so torn :/ -- I have a very small frame so I don't want to look oversized or top heavy, but at the same time I really want to see front cleavage WITHOUT the bra on- so because of that i'm thinking of just doing the 325s. I prob shouldn't be stressing so much since there isn't a drastic difference between the two sizes, but I can't help it! ughh

My main concerns are gapping between the breasts, the scar on the nipple, and my areola's looking extremely large since they are already large. I have some light stretch marks around the nipples, so I am hoping that the implant will improve the look of them. They are really not that serious anyway. I have also been lathering my boobs with cocoa butter to soften the skin and hopefully help with the stretching and reduce scarring. I haven't read to do this anywhere, but it kinda makes me think of my pregnancy and rubbing cocoa butter on my belly weeks before I started showing ;) Helped so much!

I have been reading so many reviews and looking at so many before and after photos. Now every time I close my eyes all I see is boobs! lol - Well 3 more days to go [=

1 Day Post-op - All bandaged up

So today is the day after my surgery. I ended up going with the 325cc implants. I am in pretty good spirits. I do feel sore, almost as if I worked out my chest and back extremely hard at the gym. Getting up and laying down is a struggle. I would really recommend to anyone thinking about having this procedure to start planking, and doing core exercises TODAY! I can not use my arms to lay down or get up so I have to rely on my core to get me up and down.

As far as medication goes, I have been taking Valium, Percocet, and Keflex. Before I went to bed last night I took a Bromelain supplement and no pain medication. To my surprise i woke up this morning with very little soreness! I for sure thought I was going to wake up in pain since I did not take any pain meds before bed.

My doctor wrapped me up in layers & layers of bandages. It feels very uncomfortable only because they go all the up my armpits so my shoulders are hunched up and its hard to put m arms flat to my side. On the bright side, in 2 days the bandages will be removed [= I do have some swelling, bloating and tenderness all the way up to the base of my neck and on the bottom of my ribcage. If i press on my skin I can feel liquid moving around under the skin - ughh feels nasty lol. Before the doctor wrapped me up I was able to look down and take a little peak. I think my nipple size wasn't too big as that was a concern of mine, and they actually looked lighter in color which looked pleasant to me. I was pretty groggy though from the anesthesia so who knows how accurate my perceptions were.

At the doctors office the day of surgery I ended up throwing a little temper tantrum bc the Anesthesiologist had an emergency and was running very late. I was so hungry, dehydrated, throbbing headache and nervous I just freaked out a bit! The nurses and the doctor however, were very nice. Started an IV for hydration, gave me a pillow and a blanket and did their best to comfort me while we were waiting. The Anesthesiologist was also very apologetic. I really appreciated everyone kindness.

Well I am very anxious and excited to get the bandages removed and to see how they are looking so far! [= Will update again then! So happy I am not in the amount of pain I thought I would be in. Pretty confident with the decision so far [=

The Big Reveal!

Day 3 my PS Removed the bandages. Felt like such a relief to have those thick layers of bandages removed - I am happy with the size and I can not wait for the shape the fill out nicely. I currently need to wear a band to bring the right breast down a tad & a separate band underneath to keep the left breast in position. Minus the pressure and tightness of the bands, I am a happy camper [= -- the journey continues!

I also can not wait for all the bloating to subside. I look prego ;( & my waist is gone. Patience is definitely a must!

The First Week of Healing

This healing process is something else! It only been nearly a week and so far I am loving how my breast look. As I read in other reviews they really do change everyday! I am noticing the inner breasts (the cleavage area) and the bottom of the breast slowly beginning to round out. Day 3 post op when the bandages were removed they appeared round from the front view, but from the side view and and looking down at them they were very cone like. Its a RELIEF to see some rounding action happening lol. They currently feel very numb tight and stiff, yet squishy if i poke them. I don't feel any pain or discomfort on the incision at all which was surprising to me. There is this crazy sharp stinging pain at the side of my left breast which is just ridiculous!

My implants did not end up "riding high" they pretty much stayed put in the pockets the Doc created. He did lower my inframammary folds which gave my breasts a lot more lower pole fullness. The left breast is slightly lower than the right breast, so my doctor put this thick white tape along the fold so it can heal in place. I am wearing a top compression band over the right breast so it can continue to fold go further down to match the left breast. The doctor however does not want the left breast to be pushed down so he folded the band under so it doesn't put pressure on it. I look like I am in a serious contraption! - I need to wear it all day long and to bed :( it is soooooo uncomfortable. I am also getting a lot of bruising. My breasts are tight and the bands are so tight, it even feels hard to breath at moments. Also feels difficult to eat. The only helping to relieve the pressure is the Percocet I was prescribed. Today I tried to ONLY use Tylenol (because the Percocet is really messing up my digestion) that was a FAIL. I am also having the blues about the rest of my body. I am only 106lbs but my stomach is protruding as if I am 5 months pregnant. My love handles are chunky too! I look like a muffin top :( I had a slim waist & now I have no waist - i know its just a lot of bloating and swelling, trauma and the pain killers that are making everything out of proportion, but I want to see how my NEWBIES look on my regular body! Maybe they will even appear bigger when the rest of my mid section gets small again. Time will tell!

Question for you ladies you have been there and done that: Currently I don't have too much front cleavage. My skin is very tight and I chose an implant size that fits my breast width. As your skin softens and loosens does the front cleavage start to appear or become more visible? - I don't think I have a large gap between my breasts neither before or after surgery, I just think the skin is so tight that the cleavage isn't appearing yet. What have you ladies noticed in regards to this? Are there any little tricks or instructions your PS gave any of you to hopefully create more cleavage in the front post op? Of course in the future bras will do the trick but I want that cleavage when I'm naked as well ;P

Slowly but Surely

Laying in bed now. Feels so good to rest my back! How long did it take for some of you to get use to the back pain? For your bodies to adjust? It's more of a tired feeling. Guess it's a given with more weight on the chest!

Had a check up with the PS - I only need to wear the top compression band - if you look at my photo you will see the right breast is slightly higher. Hoping the band balance it out - I'm so anxious!! -- I have a lot of bruising under my right breast. Maybe from the compression band pushing down that one side? - I put Vicks vapor rub on the bruises and it feels soooooo good.

Everything else I think is going smoothly - the tightness is mostly gone, although I am still numb. I only feel a little bit of discomfort on my sternum. I am so happy to be on only taking one percocet a day! Which I use for the back pain mentioned above. It's much easier getting in and out of bed now... But the "morning boob" thing others have described is NO JOKE!

The boobs feel a little softer and squishy. I can't help but feel them all day lolz the girls at my job think I'm nuts, but are so excited for me too [=

Overall I think I'm healing well - I'm Not even 2 weeks post op so I'm not too worried about it, but any other recommendations to fix the higher boob?

Frustrated, Annoyed & Uncomfortable :(

My apologies in advance for being a debbie downer right now. I just need to vent. My back hurts even if I just sit up for 5 minutes. I am just constantly in discomfort. My breast went from feeling numb to feeling like constant needles are poking all around. I keep getting zaps of shooting pain through and around the nipple area. I am so sore from wearing this stupid band all day everyday, yet when I take it off I feel even more uncomfortable as if my body got use to wearing it. UGHHH i'm 17 days post op I just can not wait to feel normal again :( :( - they just feel like 2 obstructions on my chest :(
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

My doctor is very friendly, comforting and informative. His before and after photos are amazing, which is a big reason why I chose him. His work is consistent. Many other doctors that I have been researching have photos of patients who's breast just differ way too much from other patients. Of course there are many factors and everyone's results are different, but when I see my Doctor's work I notice a consistency with shape and placement of the implant. Almost like a signature look, and to me that is very assuring.

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