What are the Benefits of Lip Augmentation?


Lip augmentation is quickly becoming a popular plastic surgery procedure. But what are the benefits of lip augmentation? Dr. Adibfar has seen an increase in patients from Toronto and across Canada who are searching for more voluptuous lips. Who wouldn't, right? Having that perfect pout is now easier than ever before. Let's explore the many benefits of lip augmentation in a bit more detail.

Reaching Your Beauty Goals With Lip Augmentation
People from across Canada are searching to enhance their appearance through various plastic surgery procedures. Many clients are in search of fuller, more youthful looking lips to improve their beauty. Dr. Adibfar and his talented plastic surgery team have found that many of their clients associate fuller lips with a sexier and more sensual appearance.

As people age, the contours and shapes of an individual's lips can begin to droop. This can be further exacerbated when a client has naturally thin lips to begin with.

Lip augmentation procedures can help address the negative side effects of the natural aging process, thin lip contours or help people improve their appearance by delivering a fuller look.
Whatever the goal may be, lip augmentation procedures are chosen because they can help create a more inviting, youthful facial appearance that can redefine a person's beauty and improve self-confidence.

Types and Benefits of Lip Augmentation Procedures

There are two common ways that Dr. Adibfar will augment a patient's lips. There are permanent lip augmentations and semi-permanent filler procedures. During your comprehensive, one-on-one consultation, Dr. Adibfar and his Toronto plastic surgery team will review the best lip augmentation procedure based on your body, needs and goals.

The advantage of a semi-permanent lip filler procedure is that the effects gradually wear off. This can provide a patient with a "trial period" to see whether fuller lips are something they truly want. Semi-permanent lip fillers provide a solution that typically lasts 4 to 12 months. Dr. Adibfar believes that this experience can provide his clients with a good idea of how they would like a permanent lip augmentation.

Permanent lip augmentation procedures come in a variety of options, but Dr. Adibfar will typically use one's own fat as a permanent injectable. Whether it's to crest the lips so they are rounder and fuller or to add more plumpness to the sides, the options are endless if you partner with a trusted, board-certified Toronto plastic surgeon.

Realize the Benefits of Lip Augmentation: A Natural, More Youthful Pout

While there are many tips and tricks that can be applied using makeup, the results are very temporary. Semi-permanent lip fillers or permanent lip augmentation procedures can help you achieve the look you want without a bag of products.

Whether you want to subtly adjust your lip's appearance, add volume or receive the Angelina Jolie treatment, Dr. Adibfar and his talented Toronto plastic surgery team can deliver results that meet your specific needs. You might just find yourself wanting to be in front of the camera a bit more!

Next Steps

If you have any questions about the benefits of lip augmentation, other plastic surgery procedures or just want some advice, contact D. Adibfar directly. He and his team are always happy to help!

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