Benefits of a Body Lift Procedure After Excessive Weight Loss


All those months of hard work and diets in order to lose weight usually leave you struggling with sagging skin preventing you from achieving the look you ultimately desire.

The problem is that many people do not realize that weight loss doesn’t always guarantee you’ll have an attractive sexy body. After losing excessive weight and improving medical conditions related to obesity, you may want to achieve:

  • Tight buttocks area and thighs
  • Flat and tight abdomen
  • Removal of abnormal folds and cellulite
  • Defined and attractive body
Miracles do happen these days and yours is called body lift. Body lift is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure designed to remove excess skin, fat and tissue around your hips, waistline and back. This common plastic surgery procedure can dramatically tighten the fascia and muscle of the abdominal wall leaving your body with a toned sculpted look.

Before Your Body Lift Procedure:

First and most important, you need to understand if you are the right candidate for a body lift procedure. Consider the following points before starting your search for the best plastic surgeon:
  • Do you have a lot of excess skin around the ribs and pubic area?
  • Is your skin loose in the hip bones and on the lower back and upper buttocks?
  • Do you experience loss in muscle strength in your abdomen, hip, and buttocks?
If you answered “yes” to some or all questions above, than a body lift procedure is an amazing solution. This plastic surgery procedure can help you achieve the body you have always dreamed of. Body lift procedure has the greatest ability to rejuvenate the entire abdomen, waistline, hips and buttocks area in a single operation.

After deciding to proceed with a body lift, it is important to find the best plastic surgeon that you can trust with your body transformation. You should feel comfortable from start to finish. You should feel comfortable in being open about your concerns and expectations with your Toronto plastic surgeon. Once you find that perfect connection, your body lift transformation can begin.

During The Surgery:

Depending on the extent of work required, body lift procedure usually takes between four to five hours. Incisions are required in order to remove excess fat, tissues and tighten the skin. However, it takes a truly professional Toronto plastic surgeon to make those scars nearly invisible. During an official consultation, I will explain in full detail the whole surgical procedure and we will discuss every possible outcome.

Your Recovery:

After your body lift procedure, the most difficult time is the first night after the surgery. You will be provided with clear instructions on what position you need to stay in and what physical restrictions you need to follow to ensure your wound heals properly. We will review your entire plastic surgery experience in detail so you know what to expect. This will also help ensure your recovery is as positive and comfortable as possible.
Over the period of four to five days the discomfort will rapidly decrease and you will be able to move around within your house. In two weeks, patients are usually able to return to work. Within four weeks you will be able to resume limited physical exercise. Expect a full recovery by the end of approximately eight weeks. At this point, you will then be able to return to your regular activities and exercise.

You will be pleasantly shocked with the results after your full recovery. The body that you have always dreamed of is not a dream anymore. By partnering with a skilled, board-certified Toronto plastic surgeon, anything is possible. We’ll work together to deliver results that you can be proud of
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