Bacteria in Plastic Surgery


This time we will talk about a topic that currently worries those seeking to undergo in a plastic surgery procedure: "Bacteria".

Many people, in complete ignorance of the bacteriological subject, begins to talk without having the slightest knowledge of this microworld that causes diseases and complications.
Bacteria are everywhere: in the air we breathe, our skin, what we eat, inside our bodies, in the water and are part of our common life; it is as well, that the beginnings of life were bacteria.
There are beneficial bacteria and pathogenic bacteria, the latter are those that causes diseases. The advances of modern science, aimed at combating these germs with the discovery of new generation antibiotics, have greatly reduced the risks.
The fear of many people to enter an operating room to avoid contamination by bacteria is understandable, but if no one explains reality, this fear will further fuel.
The operating rooms are extremely clean areas, especially the specialized sub-centers, where several specialists from different branches do not concur and infected patients are not operated. Biosecurity measures to be taken in these centers and all surgical areas must be followed and implemented to the letter. These measures are well defined and written.
A patient can leave perfectly from a surgery and get contaminated outside the clinic because of a poor monitoring, mishandling, little or no post-operative care.
A patient is in danger until it has exceeded its entire healing process, this can last up to two months or even more. Water, especially cistern water or water tanks, is a source of contamination for fresh wounds, never wash the wounds with tap water without boiling it before or use safe drinking water (commercial). The soap I recommend for washing wounds is 4% chlorhexidine, is the most recommended antibacterial agent.
Always consult your physician of any changes or discomfort you feel or observe in their post-operative and should always follow strictly the indications given by your doctor. As I have said on several occasions: post-operative care is as important as the surgery itself.

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