What to do After Your Body Enhancement Procedure


We know that dieting, exercise and weight control regimes don't always work. This can lead many men and women to be unhappy with their weight and appearance. From excess fat and loose skin to disproportionate body shapes and contours, people across Toronto and Canada are dissatisfied with what they see in the mirror. That's why our plastic surgery clinic in the heart of Yorkville, Toronto offers a variety of body enhancement and fat reduction procedures that can redefine a person's beauty, appearance and confidence.
Dr. Ali Adibfar - one of Toronto's best board-certified plastic surgeons - has been delivering dramatic body enhancement results for people who are tired of feeling overweight and not themselves. From liposuction, body contouring and tummy tucks to mommy makeovers, arm lifts and fat grafting, Dr. Adibfar and his highly experienced team of plastic surgery professionals offer safe and effective procedures that can help men and women achieve the slender, contoured and slim physique that improves the confidence in their appearance and beauty.

But once these procedures are performed and the results have been realized, how do people maintain that beautiful appearance? As one of Toronto's top-rated plastic surgeons, Dr. Adibfar has detailed out a few ways that you can embrace your new physique and keep yourself looking and feeling your best even years after the procedure is complete.

The Start of a New You

Undergoing body enhancement procedures like those noted above are just the first step in a transformative journey that requires lifelong changes. These procedures don't protect you from overeating and other unhealthy behaviours.

After your procedure, we'll go through the full recovery process with you. This will outline the entire post-surgery experience so you can be as comfortable as possible. It's an important part of your plastic surgery journey and we'll be there to help ensure you get the best results possible.
Aside from the formal recovery expectations, there are some lifestyle changes that we often recommend as you make your transition and truly enjoy your new beautiful appearance.

Exercise and Nutrition

When it comes to maintaining a body and physique that you can be proud to flaunt, exercise and nutrition play a big role. "This is increasingly important when you look at it in the context of maintaining a healthy weight and beautiful skin," said Dr. Adibfar, one of Toronto's best plastic surgeons. "Setting aside a bit of time to exercise and being conscious of what you're eating can help you feel and look your best." Below are few simple exercise and nutrition adjustments you can make that can have a big impact.

1. Start your day off with a walk
: This is a simple way to start the day. Start by going for a 10 minute walk per day. Gradually increase your duration and speed until you've reach a brisk walk for 30 minutes. You can even do this on the treadmill.

2. A little bit of weights
: We don't mean bodybuilding. Light resistance training a few days a week can help keep your slender figure and continue to tone your physique.

3. Don't go it alone. Get your own motivator
: We know it's tough to maintain a workout and nutrition routine. Getting a training partner can help keep you motivated and committed. You can also reduce chances of injury and you may even see results quicker.

4. Balance and moderation - not starving
: It's important to remember that many of these body enhancement procedures like liposuction do not guarantee to permanently keep the fat off. That's why a balanced and healthy diet is so important. Let's be clear - you shouldn't starve yourself of your favourite foods or meals. We recommend taking a renewed look at your diet. Eat in moderation, get all the nutrients your body needs and be conscious of what you're consuming. By making some slight adjustments to your nutrition, you can help support your plastic surgery procedure and can help keep your body looking great.

5. Water is your friend
: To keep your body hydrated, drink lots of water each day. This isn't a huge lifestyle change but it can be a difficult one for many. This can help you feel great, give you energy, reduce headaches and make your skin look beautiful. It also helps during the recovery phase.

One Thing You Can't Ignore
When you undergo a plastic surgery procedure designed to enhance your body, you're making a long-term investment in your beauty and appearance. "Our body enhancement procedures can produce life changing results," said Dr. Adibfar, a board-certified plastic surgeon. "That's why I always highlight the importance of post-procedure appointments in helping make the experience comfortable and improving the overall results."

6. Keep up with your appointments: Just because your body enhancement procedure is complete, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be seeing your doctor on a regular basis. Your plastic surgeon and their team should be viewed as your support system. Follow-up appointments can ensure things are going smoothly with your body enhancement procedure. This also provides a time for you and your trusted plastic surgeon to discuss other enhancements that can redefine your beauty as you transition through life.

Lean on Your Trusted Plastic Surgery Team
Remember, these types of plastic surgery procedures do not guarantee to keep the weight off. Although they can redefine your beauty and appearance, you also have to make a commitment to living a life that supports the overall goal and results of your plastic surgery transformation.

Next Steps
If you have any questions about plastic surgery procedures or want some advice, contact Dr. Adibfar directly. He and his team are always happy to help!

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