What should I know if I am interested in Rhinoplasty?


I am not happy with the shape of my nose, what are my options?

There are two options injectables and surgery. Injectables fix low, wide bridges, an over prominent tip, the ‘ski slope’ nose, and a bumpy nose. However, injectables are effective but are not permanent and will only last for a while. Surgery, more commonly known as rhinoplasty can fix a crooked nose, a droopy tip, or a full tip and is permanent. Consult with your doctor to see which treatment is right for you.

What are the basics of Injectables for my nose?

The ideal patient for a nonsurgical nose job is looking to try a new look or has a minor flaw. Injectables are not permanent and will fade. The doctor adds something called an injectable filler, which is injected under the skin and over the bones to give the illusion of a smaller or more pleasing nose by drawing attention away from the flaw, or adding volume to another part of the nose. There is little to no swelling after the surgery but heavy sunglasses or glasses should be avoided for about two weeks.

What are the basics of Rhinoplasty?

During the surgery, the doctor will manipulate bones and cartilage to match your other facial features Recovery will have you wearing a small splint on your nose and some have the symptoms of a cold. It takes about three to six weeks to make a full and healthy recovery.

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