What is BodyJet and why is it something to consider in Liposuction?


Body Jet is a new category of tool/device used in body scultping known as Water-Assisted Liposuction (WAL). This fine German unit has a dual function.

1) High pressure (tumescent) fliud is sprayed between your fat cells to not destroy them as other energy sources might, but to separate them from each other. This helps in several ways: to get  a better and more even removal of the cells, to constantly infuse numbing medicine for added comfort under local anesthsia prcedures and epinephrine to reduce the bruising and bleeding.   See www.body-jet.net to see an example of a patient one day later (24 hours)

2) The biggest and most unique advantage is that the cells removed can be harvested in a special Body-Jet collector to be re-used as micro fat grafting in areas of the face, buttocks, body depressions and under investigation; the breasts.

More and more should be coming out about this technology so I thought this basic introduction  would be helpful at this time.

Article by
Montclair Plastic Surgeon