Ulthera (Ultherapy): Non-Surgical Facial Tightening


We are now approaching the pieces necessary for the complete Non-Surgical Energy Facelift. In general, there are 3 layers that need to be addressed: skin, fat, and muscle.

In a surgery these have all been treated, but in the non-invasive arena, we have treated the skin with Lasers, the fat of the neck with liposuction and "SmartLipo" but as of yet the muscle layer has been untreated. Now the SMAS or layer that covers the facial muscles has a treament non-surgically: "Ulthera"

What is Ulthera? It is a focused ultrasound device that not only "visualizes" the exact depth and layer with diagnostic ultrasound, but then locks in and  treats theat specific layer. Used outside the USA, for many years, it has been just recently approved by the FDA for this procedure. It usually requires one treatment (sometimes 2), there is no downtime, and results are evident in about 3 months.

Although it will not have widespread national promotion at this time, this article has been written with permssion of the Ulthera company. Patients in the USA can be treated at this time with some of the few placed units in the hands of the leaders in energy based devices.

Article by
Montclair Plastic Surgeon