The five signs of melanoma


Melanoma is no joke. The worst diagnosis, stage IV, carries with it an 18% five year survival rate. That means 88 people out of 100 with stage IV melanoma will be dead in five years. Five signs to look out for if you're concerned that a spot on your skin may be melanoma are as follows:

  • A - asymmetry
  • B - borders are irregular
  • C - color variations
  • D - diameter greater than 6mm
  • E - evolution, ie the lesion is changing is some way

The sun is a major contributor to melanoma, so use your sunscreen this summer. Also, tanning beds produce the same harmful ultraviolet rays that the sun does so avoid these if you can. Spray on tans are natural and not harmful at all. Try one if you haven't already.

If you notice that a spot on your skin is not looking the same or is concerning in any way (ie it meets several of the 5 signs) please go and see your local dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon