Liposuction can help Redefine the Contours of your Face and Neck


You stick to a healthy, low-fat diet and exercise regularly, but nothing seems to affect the excess deposits of fat in your face and neck.The double chin, the poorly defined jaw-lineand the round cheeks that make you look“moon-faced.” Is there any way to improvethese areas? 

Excess fatty deposits in the face often don’t respond to diet and exercise. They can also obscure good features, like strong cheekbones and emphasize negative ones, like a weak chin. Fortunately, a solution is available: Suction lipectomy, also known as liposuction.

Liposuction can give you a dramatic new look by eliminating pockets of excess fat in the cheeks, beneath the chin and in the neck area.

Suction lipectomy is done through tiny incisions, that are hidden in natural creases of the neck. To correct problems in the facial area, incisions may be made beneath the chin or in the crease behind the ears. Then, a narrow tube called a cannula is inserted through the incision and excess fat cells are vacuumed out.

The surgeon feels the tissue as he or she works, determining just how much subcutaneous fat must be removed to produce a natural contoured look. Care must be taken not to remove too much fat, which could lead to a sunken appearance in a few years. After the procedure, a snug dressing is applied around the treated area. This is usually removed in the surgeon’s office the following day, but you may be advised to wear a compression bandage for a few days and for several weeks at night to speed the healing of the treated area.

Most people are able to return to work a few days after having liposuction. In fact, you
may have the procedure on a Thursday afternoon and possibly be back at work on
Monday morning. Mild pain relievers may be needed for a day or two and cold compresses may be used to minimize any residual swelling and discoloration.

The procedure is appropriate for men and women of all ages, particularly those of normal weight who have abnormal numbers of fat cells in a localized area. It is not a substitute for diet and exercise, nor is it advisable for persons whose excess facial fat is part of an overall weight problem. It is ideal, however, for improving the contour of the neck and jaw-line, eliminating heavy jowls and refining the cheeks.

Liposuction may be done alone in younger patients, whose skin has enough  elasticity to spring back easily. In older patients, the procedure may be combined with a facelift or other procedures that eliminate excess sagging skin. Liposuction also works well in combination with chin or cheek implants, which may be needed to add definition and improve the overall results.

Article by
Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon