Botox has a new Dysport


For those of you who have had Botox before, there is another choice for you! A new product was recently introduced in the USA and it's a medication used to treat lines and wrinkles just like Botox. It's called, "Dysport." In fact, it's been used in Europe for many years and only recently gained FDA approval in the US. According to the package insert in Dysport it lasts longer than Botox and starts to work earlier. Of course, everyone is different and you may not see these same results. Also, because it's a new product you may be able to get it for a cheaper price at your local plastic surgeon's office or wherever you may get your Botox. Be careful, though, as many people promise cosmetic surgery products at very low prices and you may not be getting the real deal.

I have used Dysport in my office and so far the results are fantastic. As a review, Dysport is used to treat the fine lines in your forehead area. The muscles in your forehead may continuously contract causing these lines and wrinkles to form. Dysport paralyzes the muscle so the lines are softened and may sometimes completely go away. Some people ask if you're getting the actual toxin injected, but you're only getting a piece of it, so rest assured that you won't get botulism from Dysport or Botox.

Moreover, you now have a choice: Dysport or Botox. So go out and take care of those wrinkles...just be safe and choose someone carefully to do your injections. Also, take advantage of the many discounts that are currently offered in your neighborhood.

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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon