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What Are Artefill Injection Risks?

I heard a doctor on TV say that Artefill was risky, but my friend had it injected and it looks really good. Is Artefill safe? Does anything last as... READ MORE

How to Avoid Having Artefill Migrate?

I was reading an Artefill discussion, and a bunch of people said that moved to different places in their faces after the injections.  Why does... READ MORE

Does ArteFill Work for Cheek Augmentation?

I know ArteFill is a longer lasting wrinkle filler, but can it also be used to plump up your cheeks? READ MORE

What Can I Do About Lumps from a PMMA Product Like Artefill or Artecoll?

Hi I have developed a granuloma under each eye in the tear trough area from a product called "Precise," which is a PMMA product I received... READ MORE

After Artefill, Will Gel-like Fluid in my Face Go Away?

I had artefill injected almost a year ago around my mouth, and my face feels puffy mostly around my cheeks and under cheek bones. When I touch my face... READ MORE

What is ArteFILL Supposed to Treat?

Does ArteFILL have any off-label uses? READ MORE

Can Arte Fill Be Removed?

If I don't like the way it looks? READ MORE

Artefill Removal at Any Cost

PLEASE someone give information concerning artefill removal, even if just partial removal. I don't mind a small scar compared to this lump of an... READ MORE

Cost of Artefill

I hear so many costs per syringe starting at $600 for 2 syringes. The going price here by a plastic surgeon is $1000 per syringe with the 3rd one free... READ MORE

Artefill for Nasolabial Folds

Is artefill good for permanent nasolabial line filling or not?  READ MORE

Confused About Artefill - Permanent or Not?

Hi! I'm really confused about Artefill haha. I've read that artefill is a permanent filler, yet it last for 5-10 years. I also read another... READ MORE

What Does Artefill Look Like?

So I know I'm getting the real stuff, what does the packaging look like? READ MORE

Why is ArteFill Still Being Advertised Even Though They're out of Business?

Is it leftover product from before Artefill ended?  Are old vials of filler as effective? READ MORE

ArteFill After Radiesse?

I had radiesse injected into my nasolabial folds in December. Is it safe to have ArteFill now, since I do not see the results I wanted from the Radiesse? READ MORE

Artefill for my Lips?

I am planning on having Artefill injected into my lips. They are very thin, will this fill my lips out nicely so that they'd look full? READ MORE

Artefill for Non-Surgical Nose Job

1)will artefill migrate 2)what happen to artefill after 20,30...years in our nose 3)side effects of artefill and way to fixed it 4)how to remove... READ MORE

Artefill Lumps: Can CO2 Laser Help?

I had Artefill injected into my tear troughs (Intra-orbital rim hollows) 15 months ago. It was a traumatic experience. After all of the initial... READ MORE

Will Areas Over-filled with ArteFill Eventually Look Better?

I recently received ArteFill for a scar on the right side of my mouth. It was big, deep, and looked like a very "wide" wrinkle. Several days later, I... READ MORE

Kenalog for Dissolving ArteFill?

I was told Kenalog injections may help reduce slight over-filling ArteFill. From the front view of my face I look symmetrical, but this overfilling... READ MORE

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